In the digital age, design focuses on the person

In the digital age, design focuses on the person

Icona Design Group at “Automation & Testing” in Torino Lingotto

Turin, April 7 (askanews) – The digital transformation of the industry is underway, and design plays a key role in this development because it puts the person at the center. It is with this spirit that the Icona Design Group participates in the “Automation & Testing” event at the Oval Lingotto Fiere in Turin, an event dedicated to technologies for the industrial world. Smart logistics is actually the direction that the design company, founded in 2010 in Turin with offices all over the world, from Dubai to Los Angeles, from Shanghai to Tokyo, up to Wellington in New Zealand, aims to develop.

Laura Ferrero, business developer of Icona Design: “Design leads to a change of perspective, therefore from business in the center to person in the center, as an end user trying to work on the user experience for those who need the machine. There is objective data that justifies these investments in design. An objective figure is the McKinsey Design Index, which monitors how an investment in design can affect a company’s financial data and tells us that companies that have this focus on design can achieve a market return of another 40%. better. . It is our experience that the customers we have supported in this process of innovation of their machines, such as those exhibited here (in the A & T salon’s ed.) Tell us about an increase in market positioning, even double the growth in profits and above all, a positioning that is stronger and more durable than their products “.

The digitalisation funds provided by the NRP represent an opportunity for Italian companies to meet this new challenge. Ferrero again: “PNRR, in terms of digitization, offers more options also for small and medium-sized businesses, above all it allows them to navigate in this new era of digital transformation, where beauty and user experience in our opinion will be the tangible manifestation of “innovation”.

Icona Design, which was born with a specialization in the automotive sector, has also created the interior of the ultra-fast train, the hyperloop. “Hyperloop was a very stimulating project that aimed to build an environment around man, which is located in this tube, so the user experience is at the center and must be recreated, there is no looking out the window, and we have studied the interior precisely “to make this user journey experience in the best possible way for the largest possible number of user types. This is the most important role of design”.

The aim is therefore to dress innovation in such a way that it improves its functionality, makes it usable and reassuring, but also beneficial to those who use a product, whether it is a car or an industrial machinery.

Antony Margiasso, Design Manager for Icona Design. “The designer’s task is to simplify the interaction, to make the operation of the machine safer and to make the functions clear”. “Design creates innovation from several points of view, not only in terms of simplifying the machine parts or reducing costs, but also in making the machinery more efficient, and to do this all phases of a process are analyzed and we see where we need to intervene. ” .

“Ease of use is always at the center, man is always at the center, because in the end it is he who has to make decisions about a machine, and man has to be safe. Man can make mistakes, and we must take that into account because we are human. With the design, we must create security systems that can not be easily circumvented, but which require the user to make a very specific intervention to ensure it ”.


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