How To Improve Your Home With A Few Simple Steps

How many times have you thought about changing something at home but stopped because you did not know exactly what? Do you dream of giving another touch to a room, but do not know where to start?

You may find the answers to these and other home renovation questions in Order Sarah’s advice by Sarah Balivoarchitect and consultant specializing in interior design, which aims to help you study your habits, to create a mood board with what you really like (and what you do not like) and what you want for your spaces, as well as establishing a budget to dedicate to the project you have in mind, whether it is small or large.

Moving from lights to plants, from curtains to rugs, from wallpaper to protagonists’ furniture, the author suggests a clear and stimulating path that explores how to intervene room by room and according to their own financial resources (there is also a chapter on restoring old furniture).

Follow #iTipsOfSarah and the many explanatory pictures, you will learn to think like an interior designer, to mix style and rationality, and you will finally be able to turn your home into a welcoming place and suits your needs.

To get even more into this manual and understand what to expect, we have done a talk with the author.

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Sarah, what are the most common mistakes that people who want to renovate make?
“The first ever is it does not use of color. I do not understand why the color scares, it is the touch that creates variation in a composition and is essential to make everything come alive. Just one contrast color is enough and everything regains energy. Another mistake is easy, always underrated in the position and in the typology. I hope my book, which could not avoid having a dedicated chapter, will help us stop making this kind of mistake and help people get the right light in the right environment ».

There are pieces passepartout which are always good when you want to renovate your home? (If so, which ones)
“Safe the iconic pieces design is a guarantee. If we think of some lamps from the 70’s that are still so current, I would think it’s fine to insert one regardless of the style of the house. passepartout. Other elements that are always valid are the antique furnitureperhaps inherited from their grandmother or bought at an antiques market: they serve to give soul to an environment, especially if placed in a very modern space ».

Well, now we want some ‘secret’ advice to reveal to our readers.
“Well then! Here they are. In the first place it is necessary to make a needs analysis: “What do I want to do in this environment? What would make me happy in this room? ”. Only in this way can you understand what you need to look for to satisfy your needs in terms of not only aesthetics but also functionality. Then it is absolutely essential do a lot of research, whether it is trade magazines, websites or social networks, to identify what we like, but above all what we do not like and highlight it for not finding it at home. I suggest that then build one mood board with pictures, textures, materials and everything we would like in our home. In this way, it will be possible to understand the balance between the elements and, if all goes back, to get a composition that will convey completeness to us. Do not underestimate the definition of color palette: We often choose neutral colors to avoid mistakes, but this, if not done in the right way, can make the environment flat and anonymous. Do not immediately buy all the furniture and accessories for a new home that you are going to live in. I always recommend that buy only the essentials in the first place (kitchen, bed, sofa, table, chairs) and then the house lives as much as possible to really understand what we need and want. Pay attention to the location of the lights: the right light is the magic that transforms even the most cramped spaces; it is the theatrical coup that deceives and bewitches. Always examine the lights that suit each environment very carefully, but above all, always choose them based on the function of the environment. Finally, do not be afraid to dare“.

Here are some advance of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022: Iconic pieces, multifunctional furniture, complement with a strong impact and bright colors that will inspire you to renovate your home in the right way.

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