Gru.Co: Bike to School that makes roads safer for parents and children

Turin If one morning you were to cross the road and encounter a caravan of bicycles with a group of young and old cycling in the saddle, do not be surprised: It is a Bike To School, a practice that arises from the need to join as a group to accompany boys and girls to schoolespecially in cities where it is dangerous and unaffordable to travel by bicycle due to lack of adequate cycle paths and road safety.

If Cycling to School seems to you to be a difficult initiative to implement, if you do not know it well or are still in doubt about it, then know that Cycling to School is for everyone: everyone can organize one and in any city. In fact, more and more groups are self-organizing to make Bike To School a participatory practice. Thus, a simple morning can be transformed into a moment of happiness, where in a group and in safety, even the most congested city traffic can meet.

An initiative that has stood out in Piedmont is Bike to School Gru.Co organized by Legambiente greenTO, funded by the Vi.VO project (Via the cars from Turin’s western zone), an experimental national program for sustainable home schooling and home mobility. work, administered by the West Zone of Turin srl. We talked about it a year ago in this article when Gru.Co was a pilot project that was soon to start at two schools in Grugliasco and Collegno.

Today, a year later, we can say that it has grown and that more and more parents have decided to focus on Bicycle for School and more sustainable mobility. And it is precisely these days that Bike to School Gru.Co has started following children from primary schools to school on bicycles in seven municipalities in the Western Zone (Collegno, Grugliasco, Buttigliera Alta, Pianezza, Druento, Venaria and Alpignano).

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As Elena Giardina, project manager for greenTO, tells us, “after several months of working to organize this initiative, we can not wait to see the smiles on the faces of the children in the schools who want to participate and who they will take to the streets in their city to get to school by bike. The message is very powerful because such projects have the potential to transform spaces into safe places lived by children and therefore strengthen the communication and commitment of administrations to guarantee safe roads, schools and protected roads to reach their schools by bike. “


Bicycle To School Gru.Co, in the various municipalities, will follow a path established with the parents and the “captains” or companions, who ride bicycles with a trolley to put their backpacks away. To ensure their safety on the road, children will have colored harnesses, reflectors for the wheels of their bikes, bells and helmets at their disposal. “To realize this dream, we need the commitment of all adults to translate their habits and use spaces correctly to promote the safety of children who need to reach their school by bicycle ».

The bicycle to school experiences make it possible to encourage active mobility for children and teenagers, freeing up the areas in front of the school’s entrances for motor traffic, with the aim of ensuring greater safety and contributing to the improvement of air quality. In short, the practice of Bicycle to School is a real therapy for the city: It is a solution to roadblocks, puts you in a good mood, is instructive and educational for children and young people, gives public spaces in front of schools the opportunity to breathe, creates participation and civic awareness.

Such projects have the potential to transform spaces into safe places where children live

But there is more: The Bicibus also wants to be a prize competition between the caravans that cycle the most, thanks to the GPS provided to the captains from the project partner Pin Bike. As we told you in this article, Pin Bike is actually dealing with implement the monitoring and certification system cycling, and it is also an anti-fraud system, patented and certifying, that allows a municipality, a company or an educational institution to issue mileage incentives to its users thanks to bike to work and bike to school.

Cycle to school 2

However, the Gru.Co project not only wants to be for children, but wants to demonstrate that cycling can be for everyone: Therefore, together with the partner service Bici-t, it has arranged a cyclogitter calendar. On these occasions adults and children will be able to participate in four cycles Sunday morning in May (May 8 departing from Alpignano, May 15 from Buttigliera Alta, May 22 from Collegno, May 29 from Grugliasco). To participate in the ciclogite, you can fill out the following form.

For those who want to try their hand at cyclomechanics, two workshops will be held on Saturday 7 May in Grugliasco at Grugliaschiamo – Ciclofficina del Parco Porporati and on Saturday 28 May in Venaria Reale at the covered structure Corona Verde in via Mensa, in Piazza Don Alberione , to which new appointments will follow in September and October. During the basic cyclomechanics course all components of the bike will be treated, the most important problems and solutions within everyone’s reach. Cyclogite’s participation is free when registering for Legambiente greenTO, while the cyclomechanics workshops are also open to those who are not registered.

To find out more about the planned initiatives, you can follow the project and subscribe to Gru.Co’s activities on the Facebook and Instagram pages, to become part of a city that is increasingly suitable for bicycles!

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