free machine operator course, with internship

Registration is now open for the free professionalisation course “Machine Tool Operator”, which is held in the Marche region, a San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno).

The training course, aimed at unemployedalso allows for company internships.

It will be possible to register until April 30, 2022. Here is all the information and how to participate.


We Heed You – Wega, a training institute based in Fermo, in the Marche region, organizes the course “Machine Tool Operator” with the aim of learning the skills of runs traditional, semi-automatic and numerically controlled machines.

The training course, completely free, will make it possible to train a figure who will work in structured organizational contexts, with assigned goals. The machine tool operator will also be responsible for performing function and consistency checks between the finished product and the programming indications received.

At the end of the course, the students who have participated in 75% of the course hours and have passed the final exam will receive the certificate (EQF 3) for the academic profile.


The program regarding the free course “Machine Tool Operator” will be divided into the following training units:

  • Initial orientation, balance between skills and cross-cutting skills (30 hours);
  • 3D technical drawing (90 hours);
  • Preparation of machinery and setting of programs (80 hours);
  • Realization of the work (80 hours);
  • Verification and verification of compliance (40 hours);
  • Safe management of processing on machines or fixed plants (30 hours);
  • Final orientation and active job search (10 hours);
  • Internship (240 hours).


To gain access to the “Machine Tool Operator” training course, the following requirements must be met:

  • be of legal age;
  • residence or domicile in the Marche region;
  • compulsory school examination or compulsory schooling;
  • be available for more than 6 months.


They will be able to attend the course 15 students (including at least 2 women) plus 5 listeners. In the event that the number of candidates exceeds the vacancies, a selection will be made. Each selection involves the following steps:

  • evaluation of academic qualifications and professional requirements;
  • written and / or practical test, including in the form of a test, on the topics of the course or suitability or general culture;
  • conversation about the topics covered by the course, specialist or interdisciplinary, motivation to participate in the course and curriculum vitae.


The training course, which lasts in total 600 hoursstarts on May 20, 2022. The internship lasts 240 hours and the final exam 8 hours. Due to the containment of the spread of Covid-19, classes can be held online or at Redorange Srl, via Valle Piana 80, in San Benedetto del Tronto.


To sign up for the free course “Machine Tool Operator” it is necessary to fill in the relevant FORM (docx 189 kb) and submit it per. April 30, 2022according to one of the following modality:

  • by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Wega Impresa Sociale, via Cesare Battisti n.127 – 63857 Amandola (FM);
  • of PEC at the address: [email protected] If you do not have a certified mailbox, you can create one in just 30 minutes through the procedure described in this article.

Interested parties must send the following together with the application form documentation:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • any declaration of value for qualifications obtained abroad;
  • for non-EU citizens, a copy of the valid residence permit or the postal receipt for the renewal request.

Further information on how to submit an application for admission to the course can be found in the information sheet that we make available for download at the bottom of the page.


We Heed You – Wega is an educational institution that deals with the creation of professional, business and family coaching courses and the design of tenders. The institute is based in the Marche region, and precisely in Amandola, in the province of Fermo.


For the sake of completeness, we make the FILE (Pdf 246 Kb), which describes the training course, available for download.


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