English style furniture: how to make it

Before you start buying furniture and accessories that are needed to make a home of English style (or British) you need to know what it is. For it is without a doubt one of that more eclectic decor of interior design issues. Highly appreciated by those who love to surround themselves with small objects, it exhibits a distinctive elegance with a retro tone – able to materialize an atmosphere of classic luxury. The English style it ranks halfway between Victorian style and it town of the city London; but enough relaxed atmosphere in the Anglo-Saxon countryside which brings to mind the stories of Virginia Woolf.

The trends in the English style

The English style is divided into three subcategories. The Victorian style is it more iconic and smartideal for those who love rarities from garage sale. This aesthetic is also influenced by the colonial style, where plants can not be lacking (palms, cyperus, orchids and ferns). Variants townmore attached tometropolitan environmenton the other hand, the decor in houses on average inspires less, characterized by atmospheres minimal or vintage. If the Victorian style needs many objectsso it gives free space for creativity town it is certainly more important. Finally, the English trend is also characterized by style Country with raw wood furniture, classic sofas and porcelain collection.

English style: essential points

But how do you decorate in English style? The fireplace is a classic in Anglo-Saxon design, so much so that it can often also be found inside sleeps. Also in the living area there should be no shortage of large open bookshelves, which ideally make up real home libraries, giving a sense of majesty. We have already mentioned that the accessory they make a difference when you think of furnishing with this style. In this sense, ceramics, mirrors and paintings certainly represent one plus. That mirrors they look great when decorated with frames made of gold or brass, giving space to the room. A final element to consider is the wallpaper for the walls, usually built around some romantic and / or floral patterns.

English style furniture: what to choose for furniture

As for the furniture, English style furniture requires something very specific choices that they will affect the overall appearance of the house. An item that absolutely can not be missing is determined that armchairssymbol of the ritual of tea to share with friends. These are accompanied by small tables and, if you will, footrests. Another very important element I am certain curtains: Overlapping different fabrics is actually a great classic British. In terms of the sofa it would be better to choose a Chesterfield model: one of the most elegant seats ever, whose originals can be dated back to the noble salons of the 18th century.

The color palette of English-style furniture

The English style boasts a rather flexible color palette, but nonetheless very precisely. Let’s explain it better: Basically, the houses are decorated in English style colors that tend to whitebread, al Gray, to brown. Dark green is ideal for furniture or for fabrics and curtains: a tone that fits well with the Victorian style. Gray can be the ideal base to build walls from. Along with these colors, intense blue / navy blue can be added (a true cult of the style British), purple and sometimes mint color. To achieve the right balance, it is good to remember to use neutral tones, even when it comes to warm colors.

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