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Empoli (Florence), May 3, 2022 – May 6 until midnight Empolis historic center will become a stage for classical culture Virgilio Gymnasium it will be the main character in National evening for the classical high school, and will, as is now customary, attend the event now in its VIII edition. In addition, the initiative, thanks to Empoli Municipality, is an integral part of the Legend Festival.

The agreement is on Friday 6 May, where from kl. dramatizations of classical works and myths, the old poets will dance and readrespecting the spirit of the initiative, created to clearly demonstrate that the Classic has a curriculum that is still full of vitality and populated by motivated students, rich in great talents and with skills and competencies far exceeding those required by the school.

For the eighth time in Empoli and at the same time throughout Italy, 300 Licei Classici will magically shape the idea of ​​Professor Rocco Schembra – teacher of Greek and Latin at the Liceo Classico in Acireale – and supported by the Ministry of Education: it will be possible to participate in reading marathons, theater readings, concerts, debates, presentations of volumes, meetings with authors, short films and what the students ‘and teachers’ imagination and desire to otherwise will be able to put into action. The students at Liceo Virgilio have chosen to animate with their performances three symbolic places for them and for our city: the school garden.via Fabiani, Augustinian Monastery, the heart of the city library, e.g. piazza Farinata degli Uberti where the scene will be represented by the cemetery of the Collegiate Church of Sant’Andreawhose magnificent facade becomes the setting for the various shows.

Orazio and Boccaccio, Manzoni and Euripides, myths, tragedies and comedies protagonists in an alternative and innovative way of teaching and communicating content. The beauty of the National Night lies not only in the night itself, but in the long and arduous preparations that precede it, which ensures that students also identify the places where they live, the anxiety and the expectations of a tiring but rewarding study trip every day. , with a playful environment where culture means joy, the joy of sharing, respect for times and parties.

“I am very happy, because despite the persistent difficulties associated with the pandemic, our Liceo Classico has managed to participate in the National Night,” declares the school principal, the teacher Barbara Zari “Seeing students move around the school premises outside of school hours, having fun creatively returning the content of their knowledge is a huge joy for me, for the teachers, and I think it will be a gift for their parents. and for all citizens who want to attend their performances “. “The meaning of the classics: translating and reading texts from many writers who lived thousands of years ago allows us to read and not look at anything from the past, but it belongs to us deeply and allows us to see on and understand the future “, this is how students think of V Liceo. “The National Night of the Liceo Classico is one of the ways to prove it.” All citizens are invited.

This is the program. At the school garden via Fabiani at

18 inches
scene Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio by 3B; at 19 it is the turn of the Homer Iliad of 1A, at

20.30 a
mythology lesson of 1B. In the piazza Farinata degli Uberti at 19.00 Theban Genealogy at 2A; at 20.00 In Promessi Sposi, Alessandro Manzoni by

at 21.00 L’angulos horaziano ved 4A, kl. 22.00 closing of the event of 5A. At the Augustinian Monastery at 18.30 La Loc Bandiera by Carlo Goldoni by 4B; at 19.30 Euripides’ Bacchae of 2B; at 21.15 Fratelli di Terenzio at 3A.

Maurizio Costanzo

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