EFC | Today resumption of work … with Turin a lot of anger with the wait until 22:30

It had to be the day of the feast, the mathematical salvation, the one where one can finally end any conversation. It had to be the day of joy in front of “the many children of the typhus school”, in front of a Castellani who presented – finally – also a nice look. And if all this had not had to be, the cause had only to be a good success deserved on the pitch of Turin. And instead, despite the fact that Empolis’ fate practically does not change a bit, yesterday something was eaten at Castellani that made a lot of anger, because the clear feeling is that the party was ruined in bad faith. The game went in the best possible direction. A game that certainly would not have gone down in history for its spectacular character, but Empoli, after containing the grenade for the first twenty minutes, played his game and had even found the goal of the advantage with Zurkowski. And to think that even a draw would have been enough to drive the party to madness. Until minute 79, everything was written, everything ready to go on stage, the credits ready to go down and the articles already beginning to be written with the celebration of salvation. So, as if to avenge the eight incredible minutes seen against Napoli, there come ten minutes that it will be hard to forget. Empoli were already in ten men at the time of the fight for the fair expulsion of Verre, the only situation that we can not attribute to Judge Cosso. However, it must be said that if Empoli were right in ten, Torino were not right in eleven and Lukic should have finished his game before the end of the first half. But at that moment, even though the episode was well noticed, it was still in an atmosphere of serenity and sure that what we all would have seen and experienced could not have happened. It starts with the first penalty for a Stojanovic hand. On the Slovenian comes a shot from a few meters from Ansaldi with our defender (there is even doubt that the ball hits Stojanovic as he does not change lane), which holds the arms firmly on the body for protection. Cosso immediately whistles a penalty kick, then goes to VAR and confirms this to general amazement. Even the grenade launchers. Belotti scores, but it can still go well. A few minutes go by and it is Ricci who kicks hard from outside the area, Stojanovic closes his arms, twists, the ball (this time at least the ball-man contact is free) hits the arm at number 30 and it is still a penalty kick. A penalty kick that simultaneously generates Stojanovic’s expulsion. Belotti scores 2-1. In nine, Empoli lays its head down to look for the goal that would make the day return to the right tracks, but it is the Bull who finds the flicker and always with Belotti closes everything in the midst of the stadium’s justified anger. At least three episodes (Lukic’s non-expulsion and the two punishments) that can not fail to make us think, and which have produced a great, great bitterness. A bit like a lollipop was stolen from a child’s hand after discarding it. As mentioned, objectively speaking small changes in terms of season and salvation, a salvation that could arrive in its mathematical form even tonight at. 22.30 in case Salernitana does not succeed. However, the party will certainly not be what it should be.

Generally in the second section of this piece we see again the race in its most important passages. Objectively, there is not much to add to what has already been said, and the very chronicle of this match is basically in the incredible last ten minutes. To say that Andreazzoli initially choose to confirm Verre behind the strikers, leaving Bajrami on the bench. The choice does not seem the most appropriate, not only because of the red (as mentioned only situation chosen by the referee), but precisely because of the intensity that former Sampdoria does not put in an important match like this. On the other hand, the choice to confirm Viti and Luperto in the middle of the defense seems right, where the two play a really nice match. Match that Empoli won by a landslide and that it could hardly have changed tracks if not for the infamous election of Mr. Cosso from Reggio Calabria. After the match, even the grenade technician Juric struggles to explain how his Torino could have brought the game home, and honestly admits that without those episodes, he could hardly have changed the outcome. In the sections, however, Juric always says that the choices may have been right; eyes that generally do not lie, however, say otherwise.

Looking at the individual, it is natural to give Asllani the virtual palm for the best player in the field. Playing in continuous technical and physical growth and also against Torino and against the “ghost” of Ricci, he shows a really intense and mature performance. We have already brought them up and on the podium we will put the two key players: Viti and Luperto. The two performances are excellent, among the best of the season for both of them, both bring quality and wisdom, and as long as the race can be considered fair, they let nothing pass. Competitions to be praised are Zurkowskis, and not only for the goal, where Berisha honestly does not get well there, but also Pinamonti, who makes his usual fight with great intensity. Instead, Verre and Benassi disappoint once again. Andreazzoli does not guess at the choice not to send Bajrami in, but the game goes in a certain direction, otherwise he can do nothing. Among other things, the coach from Massa, as I said yesterday, chooses not to speak after the race to try to give a signal of silence, and perhaps also to avoid saying what would have been said with certainty. We would like to point out, without mentioning a word about this, that the coach immediately after came to talk to the microphones off with the local press present to explain his choices.

Now the eyes are on Atalanta-Salernitana. If the bells do not win, it is played over from the couch. Of course, that was not how we would have wanted to toast this salvation, but it will certainly be taken with great satisfaction anyway. Should Nicolas’ team ever win, they go to the San Siro against Inter to look for the point that is still missing. On the one hand, it could be very poetic to take it there, on the field, in front of the 70 thousand who three years ago – albeit with applause – sent us to B. However, the hope at this point is to close the conversation and live the last three days of serenity, and always try to do your best. They ruined our party yesterday, but we have to celebrate anyway !!

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