Do you want to be an influencer? Then you go to school

More than 60% of the jobs we perform today did not even exist in the 1940s: says a 2020 report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were born thanks to technology. And it will probably be the same in the 1940s. On the contrary: it is the same already now. One case above all is the so-called influencer marketing, that is, promoting something through a personality on social media. It can be anything: a product, a service, a movie, a TV series. Or a museum: if the Uffizi galleries in 2021 passed the Colosseum for the first time and became the most visited museum in Italy, and the fifth in the world is (also) for this. And they make no secret of it: “Since we landed on TikTok (also involving Chiara Ferragni, ed) we have seen twice as many admissions of under 25 “, they explained at the end of March. It’s not only that it works. It also moves a lot of money: according to a study by EMarketer, quoted byEconomistthis year 75% of American brands will invest money in influencer marketing (up from 65% by 2020), and total spending for this market sector could reach $ 16 billion, which will generate a turnover of $ 10 billion, which could grow to $ 85 billion by 2028.

Telesales with influencers

by Riccardo Luna

Why is this happening? Because More and more companies are interested in having online visibilityespecially through social networks, to capture customers among Millennials or in the so-called Generation Z: “They contact us, tell us what they want if they want postings, pictures, videos or anything else and we hire the right creator for them”, he explained Simone Giacominione of the the founders of Stardust, a real school of influencers at the gates of Milan. Until today, employs over 150 creators on platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram that you pay for salary (between 500 and 3 thousand euros per month) to produce an average of 10 pieces of content per week. As mentioned, it works: For an initial investment of 100 thousand euros, Stardust invoiced 1.5 million in 2020 and today has 35 employees. It is based in a 1,500 m villa with swimming pool, gym and park in Monza province: “Inside there are 15 permanent creators and a further 8 who change every week, they are between 16 and 22 years old and in addition to making videos, they take courses in photography, editing, editing, diction, acting, English and singing. ” They learn to do what could be their first job, in short.

What you need and how much you earn

To succeed “you need two things above all else – he told us Eugenio Scotto, one of the founders of One Shot, one of the most important talent agencies in Italy – that is, valid content and talent to express them. If you can put them together, then the person’s profile will work. “And putting them together is precisely One Shot’s work, which has about forty employees and partners and a stable of 40 creators, of which about twenty are quite large and important.., such as Elisa Maino, Cecilia Cantarano, Marta Losito and Mattia Stanga.
“The idea of ​​the creator starting to produce content in his bedroom, in his comfort zone, where he feels safe and not bad if he makes a mistake, is still valid. And very often that’s how it starts – said Scotto – But this is not enough: 90% of them, if not supported enough, will go out and disappear within a few years “. So what? “Today, young people know better how to use social media than 15 years ago, but what they need is exactly what our agency does: provide a strategymake a content calendar, a schedule, improve the abilities of each creator, give entrepreneurial maturity and concreteness to those who are at first only youthful enthusiasts. And also establish relationships with companies, help girls and boys imagine their future, maybe even make them grow on other media. “


Behind the scenes on social media: how to become a creator, how to learn, how much you earn

by Emanuele Capone

But how much do you earn by doing this job, which for up to 2-3 years was not a job (if not for a few)? Agencies like One Shot are looking for companies and brands to use specific creators with, but they are also looking for companies that want to invest in communication on social networks. And that’s where the real money comes from: “We do not pay our creators a salary, however some of the biggest bills even a million euros a year“. That’s right: one million euros a year in Italy.” Some of them bought themselves a house, with this job – Scotto confirmed – Others have become so important that they have practically gone bankrupt. ” the case of the ubiquitous Khaby Lame, who is not on the One Shot team and who “is now too big for Italy, in the sense that it takes too high numbers to hire him”. He’s on par with Charli D’Amelio, the very young American from $ 100,000 per post, but getting there is anything but easy.

Ecommerce, goal: conquer generation Z

by Antonio Calitri

Photo: Khaby Lame. Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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