Discover Lunigiana, between art and culture

Land with passages and borders, of nature, villages, castles and ancient traditions. There Lunigiana is the magnificent historical region located between northern Tuscany and eastern Liguria, which contains many worlds and realities to be discovered. And it is precisely to reinforce the magic of these places that “Lunigiana Land Art “, a cultural project that aims to serve as an opportunity for a meeting between territory, art and culture, with guided tours, workshops for children, workshops and residences with leading artists. Here are the most unavoidable events.

Discover the most beautiful face of Lunigiana

Winner of the competition “Borghi in Festival”, promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity and by the Directorate-General for Tourism in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Lunigiana Land Art involves 12 municipalities, with a rich calendar of initiatives that lead to discover and rediscover this beautiful territory in a unique way between three regions.

Especially May and June in Lunigiana offer intense weekends, with performances, concerts, workshops with international artists, activities with children and trekking. The proposal is really rich and ranges from art to sports, up to guided visits to lesser known places. And of course there will be plenty of good food and magnetic landscapes, interwoven with medieval architecture and still intact forests.

Art plays the main role, as the entire project stems from the central event, where six artists in six municipalities in the area reside, who during their stay meet the public and residents on various occasions up to the weekend. from June 30 to July 3when it becomes possible to admire all the works they have created.

Performing arts are also on the program, such as appointments of Saturday, June 11th And Sunday, June 12th with “Master trees”an intense opportunity to meet the plant world, guided by a performer through a sound, poetic and visual experience.

The famous village of Pontremoli

In Lunigiana with the family, between archeology and guided tours

Families can also count on a wide variety of events dedicated to children, including animated readings and workshops that will involve children experimenting and creating small objects inspired by unpublished or local stories linked to legends and traditions in Lunigiana.

Among the appointments are “Filattiera4Kids”planned for June 12a day dedicated to archaeological didactic activities in the field Sorano, a site with a millennial history, as evidenced by the finds found during archeological excavations. Children will immerse themselves in the story and be guided during the visit of the Romanesque Pieve, they will try their hand at the archaeologist’s work in a life-size didactic excavation that brings the findings to light, and finally they will work with the clay to create the famous Stele statues found in the area.

And that, of course, is not lacking guided tours, organized by the Sigeric Cooperative, which led to the discovery of the secrets of this suggestive border country. Every Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to admire the beauty of villages and churches in the area from kl Question mark to Fosdinovo, with its famous castle, from Pontremoli, with the curious legend of the werewolf, to Mulazzo, with excursions leading to the discovery of villages full of suggestions and treasures to explore, passing through roads and paths crossing forests and meadows and timeless historical centers, leading to the discovery of churches and monuments and ancient locals Traditions. Also not to be missed are the routes for more sporty visitors, such as trekking in the upper Lunigiana or the bike ride in the Osca Valley.

If, on the other hand, you love music, Sunday, June 12th at Malaspina Castle in Terrarossa there will be a jazz concert with Chromakeys, a quartet of musicians who have performed with people like Bublè, Dalla, Concato, Enrico Rava, Fresu. For the complete program, we refer to the event’s website.

Lunigiana country art culture discover

The suggestive Castello di Fosdinovo, in the heart of Lunigiana


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