Designer air conditioners: elegant lines, colors and even upholstery in refined fabrics

Some models of air conditioning – in addition to the more “technical” advantages (inverter system, very high energy efficiency class equivalent to A ++ or A +++, organic refrigerant gas R32, innovative air purification that almost completely eliminates viruses and bacteria) – they focus on a very on designonthe elegance of the lines or on “special” finishelements that were previously considered less important for this type of equipment.

Vitoclima 3232-S Black viessman air conditioner

Vitoclima 232-S Black from Viessmann

Characterized by a linear design, the Viessmann Vitoclima 232-S Black can be selected also in black. The inverter is silent with a perceived noise level of 24 decibels, it is in energy class A +++. It has the internal unit equipped with 3D angular adjustment of the fins, which guarantees a homogeneous air flow and is available with power from 9,000 Btu / h. The indoor unit measures L 86.5 x W 21 x H 29 cm. Dealer price.

Air conditioning coordinated with the colors of the room

Not very invasive and almost camouflaged on the colored walls or on the contrary real protagonists, the new design air conditioners stand out for theirwell-executed aesthetics, without visible grids, due to the color or the original look.

For those who want a device that stands out in the environment in which it is deployed and that over time, it may even change its appearanceperhaps in harmonious combination with new textile elements such as pillows or upholstery, there are models of air conditioning can be customized with fabric coverwhich must be applied quickly and easily thanks to a velcro.

air conditioning HAURI Rubino_LIVERPOOL toshiba

Haori of Toshiba

Inverter air conditioner Toshiba Haori air conditioner has upholstery in Rubelli fabric which allows for maximum customization thanks to the wide range of colors and designs for harmonious integration with the colors of pillows, sofas, curtains or rugs. With R32 refrigerant, with low environmental impact, it guarantees energy efficiency class A +++ / A +++ with SEER of 8.6 and SCOP of 5.1. It can also be controlled remotely, it is available with 8,500 Btu / h, 12,000 Btu / h or 16,000 Btu / h. The indoor unit measures W 99 x D 21 x H 30 cm. Price 1,295 euros, cover price 124 euros.

Some colors and designs of the Rubelli covers for the Toshiba Haori air conditioner

Some air conditioners are characterized by a specific form, highlighted by nuances alive as red or from more neutral tones, such as gray and black, easy to combine with furniture in the most modern environments. And there is no shortage of suggestions for metallic colors or the like glossy and reflective finish.

Kirigamine Style Red Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner

Kirigamine from Mitsubishi Electric

Kirigamine air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric, in the Style and Zen versions, guarantee maximum comfort thanks to sensors that are able to capture the temperature differences in the room and the presence of people to distribute the air in an intelligent way. In class A +++ they are remotely manageable and can even heat. They are available in 3 different sizes, 8,500 Btu / h, 12,000 Btu / h and 17,000 Btu / h. The indoor unit measures L 89 x W 23 x H 31 cm. Dealer price.

The air conditioner as a work of art on the wall

Do not want to see the air conditioner? Here’s a surprising suggestion: the air conditioner is there, but you can not see it, or rather: it looks like something else. In fact, you can choose a model with a framed front and image of your choice, for one truly unique customization.

air conditioning Gallery artocool lg

Lg Artcool Gallery

Lift the front panel of the Lg Artcool Gallery and apply a print or photo of your choice, the air conditioner turns into a picture. Remotely controlled, it has a filtration system and is available from 9,000 Btu / uo to 12,000 Btu / h refreshing. Inverter, i class A ++, it can also heat and is very quiet. Dimensions L 60 x D 60 x H 15 cm. Price from 1,619 euros.

air conditioning etherea panasonic

Etherea from Panasonic

Thanks to the elegant Graphite Gray color and the innovative design, the Panasonic Etherea air conditioner fits into any interior. Guarantees one better air quality thanks to nanoe ™ X technology to inhibit viruses and bacteria found both in the air and on surfaces, allergens, insects and pollen, molds and odors. IN class A +++, can be managed remotely. It has an output of 8,500 Btu / h and 12,000 Btu / h from 8,500 Btu / h and 12,000 Btu / h. The indoor unit measures W 87 x D 30 x H 29.5 cm. Dealer price.

terrel sinclair air conditioning

Terrel of Sinclair

Sinclairs Terrel series units can be selected between 4 colors: white, black, silver and champagne. Work with R32 refrigerant, is equipped with filters that are able to remove allergens and fine particles, and release fresher and cleaner air that introduces positive and negative iltions into the environment. Manageable from smartphone or tablet, in case of prolonged absence in the premises, the device keeps the temperature at 8 ° C, which prevents the temperature from dropping too much. It is available in 4 forces from 9,000 Btu / h. The indoor unit measures L 89 x W 21 x H 29 cm. Price from 710 euros.

New colored air conditioners or with a specific design

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