Decor with wooden furniture: ideas and advice

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The wooden furniture adds a touch of wealth to spacefrom the dining room to the bedrooms up to living areas, but they can also represent a difficult interior design dilemma. This type of furniture can be complex to integrate in several contexts colorful and contemporary, For this reason, when you want to furnish with wood, the key word is to follow: balance. The tree it is one of the few materials that guarantees the unique character of the furniture, its veins are never the same and it makes it a precious allies of many artisans. Today we see how to decorate a house with wooden furniture, whether they are vintage, inherited or new.

Wooden furniture, why are they ideal?

Wood is above all synonymous with “Naturalness”, sends a direct link to nature and its simplicity; gives a strong feeling of warmth and sophistication. The wooden furniture it is also capable of sending solidity And security thanks to its efficiency, it protects against cold and insulates the environment from bad weather and external noise; no less important it has an incredible resistance over time. A beautiful antique door, a rustic armchair, a vintage sofa – these pieces of furniture serve as a reminder of past memories and give character to a room. Mix older wooden furniture with one coffee table wabi-sabi or an industrial dining table can create a wonderful juxtaposition between the old and the new. This adds depth and functionality to a space and makes it lived in compared to a clinical and unapproachable environment.

Solid, solid and laminated wood

There are different types of wood used in the manufacture of furniture. That finest wood for furniture construction it is solid wood. Solid wood is a high quality material and super resistant over the years, which in addition to being widely used for the manufacture of high quality furniture, is also used to build wooden houses. This type of wood can be extracted from any type of wood, the important thing is that it is made of heartwood. That solid wood (heartwood and sapwood) are on average more varied and consist of a whole trunk, it is easier to find larger carvings on the market. However, these are unique boards, in contrast lamellar: the latter term actually indicates boards that have small wooden sections as components associated with glue. Solid wood can be rejected in various styles, from the most rustic with the use of dark solid wood to the most modern such as. boho and it shabby chicwhich makes extensive use of furniture in raw solid wood.

How to decorate in wood

The first thing to do is look at your home. It will be the surroundings to suggest which wooden furniture we can add, in which colors and shapes.


If there is one absolutely perfect color for a room filled with wood furniture, it is green. Unite the earthiness of the tree with the delicacy of colors, it can create the ideal and unifying space. A small bonsai, a violin-leaf fig or an Areca palm, can add much-needed life to the silence of wooden furniture. In a completely white room, the dark wooden furniture they may look out of place. Instead of trying to balance furniture with high contrast with the wall, try to highlight dark wood furniture with walls anthracite gray color. You can decorate with a touch of white to prevent the environment from becoming too gloomy. In general, all types of wood warm undertones, unless they are washed in gray, black or white. A simple rule to follow is combine warm colors with warm undertones, and cool colors for cool undertones. The houses with a single environment to be dedicated to the different functions of the residential area can use different colors or materials to identify the different areas.

The rooms

The wooden kitchen fits perfectly cold tinted walls ranging from white to pigeon gray, to light gray. Furniture must be made of raw wood, such as oak, walnut, larch, birch, teak, maple, pine or ash. Steel stools o wooden chairs the natural shades will instead be the perfect seats to be placed around the table. I am reading it is certainly the perfect place for wooden furniture, thanks to the latter’s ability to donate calm to the environment. In this case, you can really pamper yourself: from the inevitable wooden desk to dressers and suitcases to knick-knacks and desk lamps. In terms of bathroom do not be afraid to dare. Although water is the enemy of wood, the new processes make it possible to create sinks and even tubs in this material. If you just want to give it a few touches of wood, you can use boxes, accessories such as the soap dish and toothbrush holder or wooden stairs adapted to a towel holder. Forexterior or for the pub you can use wooden barrels to be creatively adapted to our needs. Barrels can be used in different ways; such as tables, minibars and even sinks. For more ideas, let yourself be inspired by this casita in Mexico made of wood and books.

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