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It took place at the Quirinale, in the presence of the Head of State Sergio Mattarella, the presentation of the candidates for the “David di Donatello” Awards for the year 2022. The ceremony, led by Pilar Fogliati, was opened by the projection of a video by Rai Cultura, which was followed by speeches by Piera Detassis, president and artistic director of the Academy of Italian Cinema – David di Donatello Awards, and by the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. “The delivery of David di Donatello is a major event of Italian culture. Its history is so long and intense, and it is so deeply rooted – thanks to the initiative and perseverance of founder Gian Luigi Rondi – that it is almost an encyclopedia of our cinema. Thanks to Pilar Fogliati and Rita Marcotulli and her quartet. They accompanied us in a masterful way in this 67th edition. Congratulations, to the greatest, to Giovanna Ralli and Sabrina Ferilli. Giovanna Ralli: Especially for my generation, she is a legend with her elegance and her championship. Thank you for your words. Sabrina Ferilli: beautiful image, captivating, irresistible in her skill. Two Roman actresses, who are now officially in the history of David. Two well-deserved awards “.

“Cinema always keeps the memory present. Of course, the cinema does not forget to be immersed in the society of its time, in the dramas and problems of its time. The war that was triggered in the heart of Europe by an unacceptable aggression shakes our conscience. Italian cinema today is the protagonist in solidarity with Ukrainian artists, who host with us. The culture does not stop. Not even in the light of war. Culture unites. Push the boundaries – borders that it does not consider – and it is fundamental to restore peace, “said President Sergio Mattarella on the occasion of David di Donatello.

There are times when we are called to face difficult challenges. This is one of those moments. The cinema today and tomorrow will have different characteristics, which you will have to devise, design, build. The film’s growing connection with television and other platforms opens up extraordinary possibilities. These are paths that you are already following successfully and with great public appreciation. The diversity of the means of transmission of the audiovisual also leads to a comparison, an exchange of languages ​​and modes of expression. It is no longer possible to imagine a cinema room separate from this rich and moving context. But the cinema must know how to preserve its original features, its message culture, its poetry, because in this way the dialogue becomes more profitable “, Mattarella repeated. “The closure of cinemas for long periods and the extension of the preventive measures was a very hard blow for the cinema. But I think it is wrong to say – I take Minister Franceschini’s remarks – that the pandemic was a time of paralysis for Italian film. The crisis was severe, but the conception, production and realization of works continued. And it is no danger to say that cinema today is experiencing a season of growth. It is not the first time in history – especially in Italy – that we can talk about growth through a crisis “, said the head of state.

The defense of culture and the audiovisual sector, and above all of the hall, which is in serious danger, is at the heart of the message of Dario Franceschini this morning at the Quirinale, where the candidates for the David di Donatello 2022 Awards were presented in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “Italy – said the Minister – is the country that has invested the highest percentages on a European basis: there is talk of almost 7 billion on culture. It is an important part of this investment strategy that has gone to the audiovisual sector.. I am thinking of the investment of 300 million for Cinecittà and the Experimental Film Center, two realities that are in all respects poles and central points of reference throughout Europe, but – stressed Franceschini – we must not ignore today the critical questions and the real crisis. , which we must support, help with appropriate measures, also because we know they are much more than commercial activities, but gathering places and cultural centers, places for social gatherings. of ‘windows’, which applies not only to Italian films in general but to all films, Parliament will also work in this sense to invest in the modernization of theaters in a mule tifunctional perspective, where you can really live a broader experience than just watching the film. ”

Presentation ceremony for the candidates for the David di Donatello Awards with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella

The reading of the nominations for the awards was mixed with the performance of Rita Marcotulli and her quartet of musicals by Henry Mancini “Two on the road”, by Armando Trovajoli “Negro Zambon” and a medley of soundtracks by Ennio Morricone “Once” upon a time in America “and” Put an Evening to Dinner “. The ceremony ended with a speech by the President of the Republic. Present were the nominees for the awards, the President of the National Association of Audiovisual and Digital Film Industries (ANICA), Francesco Rutelli, the winner by David for the Lifetime Achievement, Giovanna Ralli, the winner of the special David 2022, Sabrina Ferilli, exponents of the culture, entertainment and film industry.It announced a press release from the Quirinale.

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