Challenge to increase children’s awareness of the environment

Challenge to raise children’s awareness of the environment: a weekly challenge to learn how to respect the planet and reduce its footprint.

Challenge to increase children’s awareness of the environment

The environmental issue is now a priority, and even parents know that teaching their children to respect the planet is one of the cornerstones of parent education. But what exactly can be done to make them learn to take care of their surroundings? Here is a challenge to raise awareness of the environment kids that you can do for a week or as long as you want!

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Why create a challenge to raise awareness of the environment

Climate change is there for all to see, there are those who ignore them and those who instead try to have a greener lifestyle to try to contribute to the protection of the planet. Involve i children in small daily movements not only helps to improve conditions for Land, but also to make them more aware of their role. Here’s why one challenge to raise awareness of the environment it can be helpful: it’s a playful way to learn habits that they do not easily forget!

Seven Challenge Days for the Planet

But let’s see how to organize together challenge to stimulate in children to do more for the environment. Maybe you already involve them in recycling, you are against waste, try to buy as little as possible things packed in plastic, but the little ones are sensitive to games and love “homework” (especially if they are not school!). So it might be a good idea to organize one challenge giving them specific responsibilities every day. Before you move on to homework, we recommend you do here:

  • make a scoreboard where you specify the seven days of the week and the goal to be completed
  • cut out gods circles small to be glued in the boxes below the goals: seven you will turn them into a happy face, another seven into a sad one so that you can eventually attack the happy one if the task is completed and the sad one if it has not been so

Every day, suggest one small prize to your kids if they did what they set out to do, but only if you did not have to remind them (otherwise too easily!): their favorite dish, a snack, a movie after dinner, in short, all those things (not material), which they make them happy, but which one does not always give. Finally, establish the prize if they have completed challenge in a positive way: also in this case, no gifts, it would be against the principle of environmental protection! You can suggest an overnight stay, a trip to an amusement park or a zoo, a day of ice skating or even by the sea.

What to do every day to protect the environment

So let’s get to the details of what I should do children every day to win challenge. Obviously, if you have multiple children, they will all be involved in the same way, and our advice is to participate as well (just like for them, establish prizes). Here’s what you can do.

Monday: energy saving

Most recently the question of energy saving it hits everyone because of the significant increases in the bill. The time has come to teach children how to save! On Mondays, therefore, not only are all unused connectors disconnected (did you know that they consume energy?), But the use of electronic devices is also limited: If the tablet runs out, you switch to a book! No more than an hour of TV, no washing machine unless overloaded.

Tuesday: we pollute less

Accompanied by children to school by car? Go on foot! Or, if it’s too far, give it a try bicycles or public transport. Cars pollute a lot and are used a lot more than they should. If by chance you live in a remote place where they do not arrive means of transporttry to drive only a short distance to the nearest stop.

Wednesday: off the gas

Rise in gas is also a burden for them families, and the war in Ukraine only makes the situation worse: what if we limit their need for a day? If it’s winter you can turn off the radiators or turn down to a minimum, at least most of the day, and then just wash your hands with cold water or avoid long showers and baths, or one day wash in pieces with hot water!

Thursday: no to waste

On this impossible day food in advance! If you are afraid of not making it, then decide together what to eat, including the quantities, so that there is nothing left. You need to leave the table without a crumb on your plate!

Friday: plastic free

Today it is forbidden to buy or use plasticso nothing bottles but not even snacks, games at newsagents or other things that are plastic. At home you drink tap water (you always have to do that!) And eat a slice of bread with jam!

Saturday: Set the seeds

Sage, basil, mint, chives: involve your children by letting them sow and planting some herbs, an easy way to understand the importance of nature.

Sunday: Plowing with children

If you still do not know plogging, it may be time to inform you! Plogging means running waste collectionif you really do not want to run, go to a park or the beach and give the kids a bag: let them come full back!

Increase children’s awareness to the environment with a challenge seven days is a playful and fun way to involve them in conservation of the environmentso they can understand what it really means to do something to combat climate change.

Updated 19.04.2022

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