Car Promotions May 2022: Offer of the Month – News

Also to May 2022 we will see car campaigns very interesting: waiting incentives the houses have decided to bet on discounts (often) full-bodied.

That offer the most advantageous of the month mainly concerns Italian cars and models belonging to the segments of Small SUVs and of Compact SUVs, although there is no shortage of suggestions from other categories and other nations. Let’s figure it out together.


Abarth 595

From 26,000 to 23,000 euros: this is it Discount expected from Abarth promotions from May 2022 on the cheaper model of the House of Scorpio (the 595). That financing combined (fixed TAN 3.95%, APR 5.67%) includes: jerk of 4,480 euros, 48 ​​monthly installments of 249 euros and a final maximum payment of 9,783.03 euros.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio

L ‘Alfa Romeo Stelvio cheaper than the price list – 2.2 T. diesel 160CV Super Business – officially costs 55,200 euros, but thanks to campaigns from Able to 2022 of Casa del Biscione is 44,900 euros enough to buy it. That financing combined (fixed TAN 3.99%, APR 8.99%) includes: jerk of € 14,960, first installment in 30 days, 36 monthly installments of € 349 and a final maximum payment of € 25,472.96.


Cupra Formentor

Thanks to Cupra campaigns – valid for the entire month d Able to 2022 – that Formentor 1.5 TSI DSG costs 31,250.51 euros instead of 34,900. That financing combined (fixed TAN 4.69%, APR 5.55%) includes: jerk of 6,100 euros, 35 installments of 285 euros and a final maximum payment of 18,578.66 euros.


Evo 3 electric

Throughout the month May 2022 there Evo 3 electric costs 34,160 euros instead of 36,600.


Jeep compass

That Jeep promotions from Able to 2022 allows you to buy Compass 1.6 Multijet II with a Discount at 4,500 euros: from 32,900 to 28,400 euros. The offer – possibly applies barter on a limited batch of cars in fast delivery – it can be even more advantageous (27,400 euros) if you join financing Jeep Excellence Contribution Award (Fixed TAN 6.19%, APR 7.83%): jerk of € 9,080.44, first installment in 30 days, 48 ​​monthly installments of € 199 and a final maximum payment of € 14,884.83.


Mahindra KUV100

There Mahindra The KUV100 K6 + officially costs 13,995 euros, but thanks to campaigns of the Indian House May 2022 11,995 euros is enough to buy it. The offer only applies to vehicles in stock and only if you join Financing of the Mahindra Advantages Formula (Fixed TAN 6.95%, APR 9.11%): jerk at 2,457 euros, first installment in 30 days and 84 monthly installments of 149 euros.


Mazda CX-30

TO May 2022 27,000 euros is enough (instead of 28,750) to buy Mazda CX-30 2.0L 122 HP Executive.


Opel Grandland

That Discount of 4,250 euros provided by Opel promotions Valid until 5 May 2022 in the case of barter/scrapping – allows you to buy Grandland “Base” (1.2 T’eren) with 26,450 euros instead of 30,700.


Renault Captur

Throughout the month May 2022 there Renault Captur TCe GPL Zen costs 19,900 euros instead of 22,700. The offer – applies in case of cancellation or scrapping of a vehicle owned by the customer for at least six months – must be combined with one financing (Fixed TAN 5.75%, APR 7.27%): jerk at 5,400 euros, 36 installments of 149.93 euros and a final max payment of 13,393 euros.


Smart EQ fortwo

That Smart campaigns allows you to also buy one Able to 2022 there EQ for two passion with less than 20,000 euros (from 27,134 to 19,298 euros). The offer must be combined with myDrivePass financing (Fixed TAN 2.90%, APR 4.05%): jerk of 1,200 euros, 35 installments of 250 euros and a final maximum payment of 10,600 euros.

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