Caffeina is expanding its digital offering with the acquisition of a service design player

Rising numbers and new investments on the way Caffeine. One year after the launch of the new strategic plan # Mod2025, launched “with an ambitious development path and a courageous investment plan to confirm itself as the best agency to work for and collaborate with”, reads the press release, the digital native agency, which ended 2021 with a turnover of over 13 million euros, + 45% year-on-yearis facing 2022 with the aim of consolidating its offering in the market and further expanding the competencies and seniority of the team, which now consists of over 200 creators.

The three development pillars identified in 2021 (People, Expertise, Connection) will be added this year a new work front, the company, an initiative through which Caffeina aims to strengthen the Group’s corporate structure and to carry out special operations that can support the company’s development plans.

“Caffeine has an amazing performance,” he comments Tiziano Tassi, partner and CEO of the agency. “Thanks to our people, our customers and the vision we have created as a group. We are the large agency that has grown most organically and that remains totally independent. We have a group of extraordinary people at all levels, and we show with our work that together we can make a difference. Caffeina is a community of creators who meet leaders and brands to create extraordinary projects together, develop results and create a real impact. Our job is to serve our society better, the people who believe in us and who are addicted to caffeine. This plan, the investment, the innovation, the elections: it is the servant leadership that our people deserve ».

New investments in people

During 2022, Caffeina will continue to strengthen the People Pillar with new investments. Among the planned activities, the appointment of a People & Culture Director, to strengthen and consolidate Caffeina’s vision and values ​​based on the creative team, and the opening of 40 positions for new creators, to continue to strengthen the team in all units thereby consolidating the level of offer and service available to customers. The other projects are “Work From X”, an activity designed to consolidate the corporate culture and strengthen the community, while the partnership with Smartway enables the creators of the agency to work from the most beautiful villages in Italy, and xCaffeina, a network that will take the form of an alumni to bring together the creators who have contributed to the growth of Caffeina over the years. “We want to accelerate the building of a unique caffeine culture that consists of shared rituals and values. The core is the Creator Journey, designed to have a memorable and positive impact on every moment of the experience for every creator on our team. From work From X to Booster Camps for training, from management principles to our open book policy, we want to strengthen and enrich our community, the pillar of #IdeasNeverSleep “, he explains Henry Sichel, General Manager of Caffeina.

The first acquisition of caffeine

Caffeina is still investing in the Expertise pillar, to increasingly confirm the vertical competencies present in the agency, whose offering consists of 4 verticals that work in an integrated way.

In terms of Creativity, Caffeina has invested heavily in creativity in 2021, and involved professionals with experience and depth in its project. In 2022, investments will continue in excellent profiles, alongside a focus on initiatives that innovate the industry. One of these is a program that aims to guide brands and agencies to develop naturally sustainable and inclusive communication campaigns and then certify them. Also important is the growth project linked to Caffeine studieswhich manages ambitious productions for digital and over the line, and which the agency wants to continue to develop.


turns to Digital product, Caffeina, an agency born of digital and technology, continues to believe in this vertical as well as in the value of the digital products that help companies achieve positive results by better serving their consumers, users or customers. In this scenario, the choice to grow also by external means is configured, and to accelerate Caffeina’s ability to have a positive impact, positioning itself as a center of high value skills, put together to create value for customers. For this reason, they will be announced soon the details of the first acquisition of Caffeina, which has a leading company in service design. It is also expected in 2022 the launch of a vertical structure for the development of digital products.

IN Counseling, after a 2021, when the agency was assigned several brand repositioning tasks in Italian and global markets, the strategic team and customer portfolio continued to grow with the entry of 9 new brands in the first 3 months of the year. In 2022, Caffeina’s investments will continue to affirm itself as the most effective partner to accompany companies and organizations in building value paths for both new brands and brands looking for a relaunch. In that context, Caffeina will also complete the offer with Trend & Culture Hunting Services, of which the newborn Sparks is only the first step.

In Digital Media, Caffeina has defined a modern vision for the media, held accountable for managing and defining the structure of all the owned, earned and paid contact points that connect brands and people. A vision that sees Paid Media and Ads as an important element in effect creation, but which considers SEO, CRM, Digital Analytics, DEM, MarTech and AdTech basic elements of a holistic and valuable offer to organizations. With the inauguration of Riccardo Antonicelli, Media Director, a new ambition has therefore been defined for Caffeina’s Media Strategy & Planning Offering, which will also be supported by an important recruitment plan for new creators within these disciplines. A growth path already rewarded by key brands that have relied on Caffeina for the definition of media strategy and landing, Digital Analytics and SEO, such as Vite Sicure, AS Roma, GrandVision, Carrefour Italia, Blu, Sunstar GUM, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Naj Oleari Beauty, Herbalife, Plaisir, Pellegrini Group and Deutsche Bank.


Connecting with the business community is the third pillar that has seen Caffeina grow in its ability to create a differentiating relationship with its customers thanks to the creators of the Client Services team. Moreover, also thanks to Valentina Salice’s recent entry into the role of partner, Caffeina offers a qualifying and differentiating service compared to other agencies, guaranteed by the support of a team of qualified Account Directors with extensive cross-cutting experience.

The fourth pillar of caffeine

Finally, the company, the fourth pillar added to the # Towards2025 path where Caffeina will invest to create an organization and structure capable of serving creators, its customers and all stakeholders in an increasingly efficient and effective way . Caffeina gradually bases its growth model on the principles of the data-driven business to support the Group’s business decisions. The data becomes information that creates greater internal transparency, sharing the planning of resources and activities, for greater involvement of all creators in the agency’s path. An advanced Management Control and ERP system that embraces the data-driven philosophy will make it possible to invest with greater certainty and to monitor management’s progress in real time.

Caffeina also certifies its good management practices by confirming the ISO certifications and undergoing a timely audit. Caffeine it will therefore develop into a benefit company for the purpose of a future inclusion in the status of B-Corp and its network. The agency also invests in cybersecurity with training and technologies to protect, thanks to the adoption of top market standards, the confidentiality of projects and the privacy of customers and their data. Among the news, Caffeine also announces the opening in the spring of a new office in Milan via Tortona, a creative digital hub equipped with workshop areas, open spaces, canteen and content production studios, with spaces designed to encourage teamwork or concentration in deep focus sessions.

“We want to strengthen Caffeina’s corporate structure to be ready for tomorrow’s growth, which guarantees increased stability and profitability. Our ambition is to confirm ourselves as a solid and credible player, an excellent partner for our customers and an overall reference point for the market “, concludes Antonio Marella, partner and COO of Caffeina.

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