Bmw, design that divides but sells.

With the launch of the new one BMW 7 Series has now unveiled a “double speed” approach to design. On the one hand, we actually find the models with large volumes – such as Series 1, Series 3, Series 5, as well as the corresponding suv format – which show a classic style and something easy to assimilate (and the next generation of 5-series forklifts seems to confirm a conservative look).

On the other hand, we have strong-breaking models, such asa series 4including its M-declension and the electric i4, the former Series 7that X7 and iX. All cars that want to differentiate themselves from the standard range in terms of performance, luxury, technology and exclusivity, and also do so through an original design, who never fails to attract criticism.

Two different philosophies

The leader of BMW design confirms these two different philosophies Domagoj Dukecwho in an interview with the British newspaper Car Magazine explained that “two thirds of customers want the aesthetics of a car to be elegant and harmonious”, which is why House of Monaco has kept a sober design on the models that are most popular with the public .

“The other customers, they are looking for something that can polarize opinions. For example, the 4 Series was previously just a more sporty 3 Series, now it is a different model. On the other hand, the public to which it refers is different, he wants a less rational car and is willing to pay more for a more emotional and expressive object that sends a message “.

Controversial solutions

And if the goal was to shake the public, the latest models of the Bavarian house seem to be going in the right direction, starting with elements such as. the large double kidney with vertical development which debuted on the 4 Series, only to be repeated on the electric i4 and iX. A solution that has divided fans of the model, who have been given the most imaginative names, such as “beaver teeth”.

“This does not surprise me – he told TopGear Dukec. I have worked in this sector for over 20 years, you know how it works when it comes to design, everyone has their own opinion, it is normal that this is the case and it is impossible to please all Cabinet something that stands out in the crowd one must be able to stand out, be different. The new form of the double kidney is a detail that attracted attention, perhaps only 20% of the people who saw it liked it, but that is precisely the part of the public we are aiming for. Not all drivers are interested in a 4-series ”.

Historical courses and appeals

A situation that does not sound completely new. Impossible not to notice any similarities with the era of Chris Banglewho spearheaded the design of the Bavarian house until 2009. The American designer was heavily criticized for distorting the image of BMW, especially with models such as. 7-Series E65 and 5-series E60so much so that it was the object of some petitions of fans to ask for his dismissal.

We do not copy anyone’s language, not even our own. That’s why my style is unpleasant for some “commented Bangle in one of the many explanations that the designer had to give in those years, and time seems to have shown him right. Today, his series 7 and series 5 – but even the 6-Series E63 and Z4 E85 – are considered instant classics and undergo major revaluations.

The number is growing

Without forgetting that in the early 2000s, the cars signed by Bangle brought a large number of “conquering” customers to BMW, especially in new markets for the brand. Exactly what is happening today where BMW has achieved a record in 2021 in the light of 2,213,795 cars sold (+ 9.1% compared to 2020), a volume that has never been reached in its history and which brings the brand to first place in the premium segment globally ahead of Mercedes and Audi.

Once again, it is not the Old Continent that drives, but markets like China (+ 8.9%), South Korea (+ 11%) e United States (+ 20.8%), with the highest growth recorded of the electric and sports cars with the mark M. Including those with giant double kidneys.

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