ATA staff, some openings, but the knot on their strengthening remains

April 21, 2022at 3 p.m. the discussion continued, as requested by FLC CGIL, in video conference, on the workforce of ATA staff, for the three-year period 2022/2025, with the participation of the department head of the education system.

The subsequent discussion with the department head was held thanks to the urgent request of the FLC CGIL, which raised the following issues:

  • revision of the current parameters for allocating staff to schools,
  • extension of Covid contracts for the school year 2022-23,
  • the presence of a technical assistant at each school in the first cycle,
  • organic increase in school partners of 2,288 units according to the aforementioned ministerial commitment,
  • recruitment and stabilization of historically consolidated posts in the de facto staff,
  • issuance of the DSGA competition notice (general and confidential),
  • competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA with three years’ service in the function, even if they do not have a specific qualification;
  • simplification of administrative procedures to free secretariats from inappropriate tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings)
  • revision of the ATA Substitutes Regulation,
  • examination of the status of the implementation of the economic positions.

The position of the administration

The head of the department, while sharing the legitimate views of the trade unions, has diversified the questions asked into two parts: some of these will be represented at the political level as they involve legislative aspects, while the non-regulatory issues may be the subject of thematic discussion tables MI / trade unions to find solutions that better meet the current needs of schools.

At the political level, the possibility of regulatory intervention will be represented the coverage of 2,288 places for school partners andincrease in the number of technical assistants in primary schools.

There are no conditions for expansion of the COVID staff given their completion to the health emergency.

About the competition for DSGA Acting Officers The Head of Department informed us that on the basis of the address for the renewal of CCNL conditions may exist to provide a solution for DSGA features with several years of operation. At the same time, the other ordinary and confidential procedures should also start, which are currently still being investigated by the supervisory bodies.

The Ministry has also provided review the rules for allocating ATA staff (Decree 181/2009) with the opening of an ad hoc technical boardto intervene with a proposal (to be presented from a legislative point of view) more fairly in its distribution, but with an invariance of the ceiling, otherwise it is necessary to move the party to other levels (MEF).

On other issues, such as reactivation of economic positionsthat simplification of administrative procedures and amendment of the ATA Substitutes RegulationMI has shown its willingness to make a reconnaissance and announcement open theme tables.

Our position

As FLC CGIL, we have highlighted how ATA personnel issues have almost disappeared from the ministerial agenda. A complete ATA discourse must therefore be resumed.

We believe that the head of department’s willingness to open thematic tables is positive on some issues such as revision of the Staff Regulations, financial situations, simplification, the Staff Regulations for temporary staff. On these topics, we await the relative calls soon.

The knot to strengthen the workforce, however, remains, as we ask for a serious investment on the part of the Ministry, above all because of the additional emergencies and needs that have arisen and which have overlapped with the others.

With regard to the financial situation, the Ministry will, as requested by us, conduct a timely investigation with the aim of scrolling through the rankings and establishing new rankings, where exhausted, according to the CCNL forecast.

In any case, the issue of job stability and the need to cover all vacancies of DSGA, administrative / technical assistants and school partners remains open with the employment of permanent staff. in all available seats.

A summary of the positions that emerged during the comparison will be prepared which we will publish as soon as possible.

Our struggle and our commitment to gain investment in order to strengthen the workforce and job stability continues.

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