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Divide the living room and kitchen with a click or test the sofa’s new color directly from the mobile phone’s camera are just some of the “wonders” of home design app. Available on smartphones and tablets, they are increasingly popular, especially among Millennials who also use them for micro-gardening. Why, needless to deny it: Who does not want to play with their imagination to compose their own ideal space? Halfway between a hobby and a professional tool, they can prove to be particularly useful in preliminary phase of a project waiting to rely on the advice of an architect or interior designer.

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In fact, if this “metaverse” does not in any way replace a professional expertise, it can become a help to the lazy customers who, without leaving the house and without special skills, can design a room on an amateur level. A need that could grow in the coming months, according to the report’s data Our home is the question of the future, created by Scenari Immobiliari in collaboration with Abitare Co. According to the survey, 60 percent of Italian families feel a strong “desire for housing improvement”. 50 percent, on the other hand, want to move house within the next year. Therefore, whether it is new or in need of renovation home design app come to our aid.


An e-commerce that has made this service its flagship Westwing, online shopping club dedicated to decor. L ‘app to design and decorate your home, downloaded by more than 3 million users, it offers a catalog full of furnishing ideas and inspirations with brands like Kartell, Missoni Home and Seletti (just to name a few) and thanks to augmented realityallows you to frame a space and virtually place the selected products in the right ratio.

Among the many solutions, 3D home decor isapp to design rooms who measures space by creating 2D / 3D floor plans, as well as decorating and furnishing with well-known brands from around the world. As well as MagicPlan (over 18 million users), allowing you to register a space in less than 30 seconds and compile entire floor plans in minutes using just cell phone camera. Plus, by connecting the laser meter to the app via Bluetooth, you can instantly create a 100 percent accurate floor plan. Appointed since New York Times in 2016 som best decor appand instead Houzz which with its over 40 million users, including architects and technicians, is one of the most widely used home design and interior design apps. Translated into nine different languages, it offers a digital book with 16 million high-resolution images.

Able to create professional visualizations, again thanks to the use of augmented reality, he is too Ikea place, the interior design app based on Apple’s new ARKit technology. “The app allows us to bring Ikea to people instead of bringing people to Alkea,” explains Kaave Pour, creative director of Space10. Fun, intuitive and affordable for all, these applications allow users to predict the arrangement of a piece of furniture, even before purchasing it, in real time and at no cost, without having to move. “The goal is to help department store visitors, but also online shoppers, to virtually try on furniture,” explained Michael Valdsgaard, head of Ikea’s digital transformation division, “by placing them in an environment and then completing the ‘possible purchase directly from the application’.

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Easy to use, it apps that simulate colors they are a service that many companies are now making available to consumers. Just upload your home interior photos and then overlay and change the colors of walls and furniture in any environment and above all to give a first visual form to our ideas. Here are some of the most effective apps. To see is to believe. Like a slot machine with endless possibilities, Coolers is the app to create a project of your home that adapts to the most diverse design needs. Used every day by more than 500,000 people, it allows you to create color combinations simply by tapping the smartphone screen. To always have up-to-date know-how and trends (such as color trends) at your fingertips, the Pinterest social channel allows you to upload, share and save creative ideas through photos and videos. Or again Pantone Studio, which by simply pointing the camera at the object of interest and taking a picture, allows you to extract the chromatic composition. Finally, thanks to the new photorealistic 3D rendering, with 3D home design it is possible to visualize the three-dimensional creation in real time, as if we were really inside space.


Self app to design the kitchen they become a real ally of the restructuring. It is an example of this 5D Planner which, thanks to the use of augmented reality in 2D and 3D, allows a high quality visualization and attention to detail. Or again, ARKitchen – Kitchen design, but also the same Ikea Place, Home Design 3D, Houzz and MagicPlan. So whether it’s a new kitchen, a renovation or a simple restyling, the software for the design of this room allows you to create a precise and quite realistic layout.


As we have especially experienced in recent years, the house – for those who have the opportunity – also consists of outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and small city balconies. In fact, there are many app for designing gardensWhich one SketchUp Pro, for Windows and macOS, ideal for creating three-dimensional models of green spaces. Then follows Sweet Home 3D, again for the same devices, which allow you to draw in two dimensions and at the same time preview the result obtained in 3D. Among the many suggestions as well Garden planner ranks among the most used apps, making many users accessible plants, flowers, trees and decorations to choose from. Lights and other devices are now also easy to control thanks to Gardenia, the app that helps you take care of your green space. With free home design app finally, we have the opportunity to wander with our imagination at no cost, and why not take a first virtual step to turn dreams into reality.


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