Agricultural machinery fair, this year will be held in Civitavecchia –

Vitali: ” Hotel already sold out, hundreds of thousands of visitors expected ”. Giorgi: “ Choosing smaller cars that did not have time for insurance ”

CIVITAVECCHIA – Civitavecchia is blowing the market for agricultural machinery in Tarquinia. The news began circulating as early as yesterday afternoon, today the official announcement during a press conference held in the Palazzo del Pincio in the presence of Mayor Ernesto Tedesco, Trade Councilor Dimitri Vitali and Pro-Tarquinia President Paolo Giorgi, organizer of the initiative. An event that has been held for thirty years in the Etruscan city and which will undergo some changes to adapt to the location: There will be about 200 stands that will stretch out on Viale Garibaldi on 30 April and 1 May (seaside) and Marina but there is some doubt and it came out during the conference.

“The times are short – explained Tedesco – but it is an event of national caliber, something unique to our city, and which involves a significant commercial induced. The fair will involve the entire marina and the city, we believe it is not an episodic event, “and we hope to continue this event over the years. Many things are moving in this city.”

Trade Councilor Vitali expressed satisfaction: “We could not miss this opportunity, which will bring hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Italy to Civitavecchia. The reception facilities (hotels and B & Bs) are already sold out. A historic event. We are doing a tour de force for to ensure that everything is ready for this national initiative, and for those who ask what agricultural machinery has to do with Civitavecchia, I remember that agriculture does not only take place in Tarquinia and in any case there will be visitors from all over Italy ., we also want part of the port available ”.

As a starting point, we start with the celebration of Santa Fermina on the 28th and then we also extend the 30th and 1st of May with a “change of status” on the city’s waterfront, which on the 1st of May will also lead to the closure of the avenue for vehicle traffic, at least that’s the point.

“Think – stressed Tedesco – that we already have a fair that will take place just to Santa Fermina, an almost natural connection. A continuation “. But the intention for next year is to bring the national fair” on a permanent basis – said Vitali – “.

Giorgi then tried to clarify what happened during the month that led to the abandonment of the Lido di Tarquinia for Civitavecchia. “We presented the safety plans according to the technical times that are possible for us. On April 8, we sent the health plan and within a few days the plan was complete. On the 14th, we received a note from the prefect (by Viterbo, ed.) , who said the event could not be held due to lack of time, a circular for this type of event predicts from 30 to 45 days we were out.We then approached the technicians who told us that nothing could be done. at that time we thought we could receive support from the municipality of Civitavecchia and I must say that the administration performed miracles, so yesterday I was summoned to the prefecture of Viterbo, where they began to investigate the security plans, I was shocked to explain that “It was now too late and I was told in the note received on April 14. that I did not arrive on time. If I had thought that the note could be appealed, I would not have had the thought of coming to Civitavecchia at all.” .

Giorgi then recalled that fisheries also fall under the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and that the maritime tradition of Civitavecchia is an added value to the event. “We will bring smaller machines – he continued – that will not damage the navy’s sidewalks. Machines of suitable size were chosen, there was no time for policies or insurance”.

Agricultural machinery fair, this year will be held in Civitavecchia

Some doubts arose at the end of the conference when asked about the reasons for the difference in “treatment”, if it can be called that, of the prefecture of Rome compared to that of Viterbo. Giorgi replied: “Of course they do not have the same timing”, and when asked if there was already authorization, he declared: “Regarding the cooperation I have with the Municipality on these things, everything seems to be in order “Then,” concluded Giorgi, “if there is anything that the prefecture will have to object to, which has not been done according to the canons, it will.”

Finally to the question of the Lazio region had been notified of the change of destination for a planned trade fair and to the question of the announcement to the Adsp no-answer.


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