2022 design trends: colors, materials and accessories for the interior of our home

A look at the latest furniture trends from 2022: what colors will dominate and what accessories will decorate the interior of our home?

Renewing the interior of our home space is always a good idea, it refreshes and revives the environment, it is a pampering for ourselves and all members of the family, and last but not least, it is also a pleasant and fun activity, just as it happens , when we dedicate ourselves to restyling our wardrobe!

The home is the special place where we feel safe, free and relaxed, it is an integral part of our daily lives, and to experience it fully it is necessary to take care of it, also and above all, from a stylistic point of view. Here is a short handbook dedicated to style and design, where we will discover some of the new 2022 furniture trends, the hottest shades and the perfect accessory to decorate any environment.

Color trends 2022: interior design

For all those who need to decorate or renovate their home, you agree that coordinating the color palette is one of the funniest and most complicated tasks, bordering on nerve-wracking if you have confused ideas. Precisely to remedy the hazy overlap of different ideas, we offer you an overview of the most fascinating trends at the moment, from which you can be inspired, all moreover destined to last and confirm themselves in the coming years.

  • Reward yourself for the intense colors and accessions that are strictly inspired by the hosts’ personalities! In this case, we notice how the influence of fashion manifests itself, among the fashion trends in SS 2022 and AW 22/23, we actually find the extravagance, the eccentric, the unusual, all that rewards the creative flair in favor of a rediscovered and renewed liveliness that we can no longer do without. Yes to vibrant colors like red and light blue, for example combined with gold. Again the bright magenta, ideal for illuminating the environment with style and the olive green, this year’s novelty, which fits beautifully into modern but relaxed environments and furnished with natural materials or inspired by nature.
  • Neutral tones are also confirmed as trendy and with them you are always on the safe side, whether it is a complement, an accessory, a wall or a specific pattern. Neutral colors combine more easily and do not risk overloading the space you decorate, they also favor both a chic and elegant reading of the environment, as well as minimalist, depending on how they are integrated into the context and combined with each other.
  • The real star of the year, however, is purple and in particular the shade that the Pantone Color Institute has chosen as the color of the year. We are talking about Very peri, a magnificent periwinkle blue with a red-purple undertone that is very popular, both in design and fashion. It is a sparkling color that stimulates creativity and confidence and inspires change, transformation.

“… As we move into a world of unprecedented change, the election of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is an ambassador for a new perspective and vision for the beloved and beloved blue family … PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri shows a lively attitude and happy, a dynamic presence that encourages creativity, who knows how to dare and an imaginative expressiveness. “

Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of Pantone Color Institute

Minimalism vs Maximalism

A curious and super-current combination that, if on the one hand it invites exaggeration and profit, told by extravagant patterns, mix & match of different styles, more expensive prints and velvet, on the other hand, it confirms the need for one fil red quiet but present inspired by nature, the essence of things, the roots.

Nature is, in fact, the second major trend that has fallen in terms of material selection and space management. In this case, it will become increasingly important to dedicate a special location to that in our home, from textiles to shades reminiscent of the colors of the earth, passing through green and lush plants, with which one can color and decorate each room, up to the essences and scented candles to complete the atmosphere.

Speaking of furniture and accessories, finally, furniture and objects go crazy with retro and rounded shapes, twisted and relaxing to the eye. Again, the velvet cushions are preferable in soft colors and pastel shades or the floral rugs of rustic and feminine inspiration at the same time.

Scented candles and dolomites

Before we conclude, one last tip inspired by the fascinating world of interiors and objects, observed in this from another point of view: in fact, we know how, when we talk about houses and especially about new houses, it is always and punctually extremely complicated to identify it perfect gift to bring to the hosts who with love and pride invite us to discover the living spaces of their new or newly renovated nest.

Here are two smart and well-chosen ideas that you will never go wrong with:

For HER we offer designer creations Jewel candle, perfumed candles of excellent manufacture, combining the treats of raw materials, the aesthetic beauty and refined scents of the candle, with the sophistication of elegant silver jewelry to wear. It is a fragrant, sweet and precious gift, a perfect item for pampering moments Home SPA which matches any living environment and is never misplaced, and which inside contains magnificent silver jewels that can be discovered when the wax of light itself has melted.

For HIM instead an evil and merry red wine native to the Dolomites, Cantina Bolzano’s Cabernet Mumelter Riserva, an elegant, harmonious red with great character that combines all the characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Made peculiarly from hints of fruit and spices, it is perfectly combined with Canederli, an exquisite and tasty dish typical of South Tyrol.

The goal of home decor is to provide us with the necessary tools and inspiration to shape our living spaces and shape them into our image, making them unique, original and representative of our character and our lifestyle.

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