who is Giulio Cusumano, the formerly arrested councilor

Lawyer, with a political past at the Palazzo delle Aquile and a family operating in the aviation fuel sector. Here’s who Giulio Cusumano, city council member until July 30, 2021, is in a nutshell, ended up under house arrest this morning with the charge of fraud against the state and forgery in public deed along with singer Alessio Scarlata.

Elected with 2,267 votes on the Palermo 2022 list, which in the last round supported Mayor Leoluca Orlando, Cusumano (48 years old on May 23) later joined the group of Civic Committees and then Action. When Carlo Calenda’s party sided with the opposition in Sala delle Lapidi, he resigned as councilor gave way to Leonardo Canto. “I was elected on a list of mayors and when my party decided not to support this administration anymore, I consistently decided to resign. Orlando no longer has a majority and this council has become sterile,” he said just before leaving the seat. …

Political experience

Cusumano, who has meanwhile returned to being a lawyer, has not left politics: in this election campaign, he was with Fabrizio Ferrandelli, candidate for mayor of Action and Più Europa, that he would have liked to have appointed him alderman. Previously, the former city councilor has played in various parties (MPA and UDC among others) and has had the role of vice president of AST.

Municipal councilor for three terms, he was also councilor for green and environment in the council led by Diego Cammarata in MPA share. A very short parenthesis that was interrupted with the withdrawal of the power of attorney by Cammarata after the split with Raffaele Lombardo’s autonomous. That was the year 2008.

The past at Ast

During Lombardo’s presidency, he was appointed to the board of Ast, the region’s subsidiary of suburban public transportation. As vice president, he opposed the merger by incorporating Ast into Jonica Trasporti, an operation orchestrated by former anti-mafia master Antonello Montante in an attempt – later without success – to acquire the regional company and then privatize it. Cusumano would thus have ended up in the former president of Confindustria Sicily’s dossier network, which would have put him under so much pressure that he had to reveal his homosexuality to his family.

The family business

Cusumano’s family is at the top of Nautilus Aviation, a company that is not involved in the facts that are the subject of today’s investigation. The company, founded in 1998, operates in the aviation fuel sales sector. A giant that has petroleum storage and bunkering facilities in 60 countries and more than 2,300 airports, including the one in Palermo managed by Gesap. Already present at the airports of Cagliari, Comiso, Lampedusa and Pantelleria, Nautilus opened a depot and a fuel supply system in Falcone-Borsellino in 2016 under the Gesap president of Fabio Giambrone (a loyalist of Mayor Orlando). Giulio Cusumano is also the first cousin of Giangiacomo Palazzolo, mayor of Cinisi, shareholder in Gesap along with Palermo municipality, Metropolitan City, Chamber of Commerce and other smaller shareholders.

About a year ago, one of the Nautilus depots in Sicily – the one at Lampedusa airport – was seized by order of the Agrigento investigating judge at the request of the prosecution for serious “violations of fire regulations to protect airport security and the workers themselves.” The plant is still under seizure.

However, the Cusumano brothers take care of Nautilus’ affairs. The company’s sole director is Giacomo Cusumano, who has transferred the experience of Nautilus Marine (supplier of fuel for boats) to Nautilus Aviation. His brother Giulio, who is now under house arrest, has in recent years attracted the world of art and culture: As a city councilor, his activity in favor of theaters (public and private) and support for various cultural events has been intense.

Nautilus Aviation states that it is “completely unrelated to the investigations and facts involved in the latter”. Thus, in a note that also reads: “We learn from the press about the issuance of some provisions of the judicial authority for facts and in relation to subjects who have not and have never been members of Nautilus Aviation or have ever been associated with same. from an employment relationship or other relationship ”.

Article updated at 20.30 on 2 May 2022 with clarification of Nautilus Aviation

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