Ukraine, to underestimate Putin risks becoming fatal: We need a more cautious government

These days the temperature in Pakistan and India is between 45 and 50 degrees, the highest ever recorded for the spring season. At risk is agricultural production, which feeds millions of people and the density of the electricity grid in big cities, while fires are constantly erupting due to spontaneous burning of landfills and forests caused by record temperatures. While climate change is accelerating its effects of destructionthe dumbest living species on the planet is pursuing yet another war conflict with dull determination.

Men have always struggled to compete for control of resources, for the interests of dominant groups, for ambition and the will to power. Instead of choosing collaborative strategies, they wage war, kill each other, commit mass murder and violence that no other living being would ever commit. While the fighting in ancient times took place with clubs, today there are approx 12 thousand atomic bombs.

What happens when a man is exposed to nuclear radiation, not everyone knows. A slow death: 83 days of radiation sickness is a book that perhaps many of the Italians are in favor of sending weapons to Ukraine they would do well and read. The text tells of the consequences of an unintended nuclear reaction that hit three workers who intended to mix uranium and nitric acid inside a tank.
Hisashi Ouchi, the man most exposed to radiation, lived 83 days in unspeakable suffering and pain. In the days immediately following the accident, entire parts of the skin were loosened and the entire chromosome set was destroyed. For two and a half months the worker remained alive under inhuman conditions thanks to blood transfusion machines, skin transplants and stem cell transplants, losing twenty liters of fluid a day and assuming the appearance of a monstrous and deformed creature. He died in a pharmacological coma to avoid the torments of a hellish end that had been the last days of his life.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi must not be a particular expert on the consequences of nuclear radiation, otherwise his decision to send weapons to Ukraine can not be explained, which has actually brought Italy into what, if not stopped quickly, will become the third. and lastly World War. Even in history, the best does not seem to be very knowledgeable, for otherwise he should know Napoleon’s fate in the Russian campaign. After an endless march with his legions, the French emperor arrived in Moscow, and found the capital deserted. The Tsar and the Russians had fled before the invaders arrived. Napoleon believed that in a few days, given the situation, the tsar would ask for surrender. What happened instead was that the Russians started to set fire to to their capital. The fires destroyed the houses, the neighborhoods and created burnt land around the invaders. With the arrival of autumn, Napoleon realized that he could not spend the winter in Moscow, as he lacked the supplies and equipment needed to survive the harsh Russian winter. So he decided to retreat with what was left of his army, which on the way back, pursued by the eastern armies, was decimated by the arrival of the great cold.

What does the homeland mean for a Russian, and what sacrifices is he willing to make to protect it, even set fire to his own house, is perhaps not so obvious for a banker accustomed to putting the protection of the capital of big investors and big businessmen at the top of his value scale. Yet this underestimation of the extent to which Putin is able to move forward in his war of conquest of Ukraine risks being fatal. Draghi, like many other Westerners, primarily Americans, believes that Putin will ultimately, faced with the risk of being destroyed, not use nuclear weapons. But the story of the Russian people, their values ​​and traditions says that the risk is that it will most likely end exactly the opposite and that the higher the tension, the more Putin will be determined to go all the way.

Continuing to move more and more deadly weapons into Ukrainian territory is then exactly like throwing fuel on the fire for a fire that will no longer be able to be stopped. Faced with this more than plausible scenario, the only thing the Italians can do is send Draghi home as soon as possible and replace him with a prime minister and a government. more careful and sensible. It will not be a big thing on the international stage, but perhaps a good example can also encourage other national public opinions to put pressure on their respective governments to shift gears and seek peace through negotiations.

Elections are approaching, and it is to be hoped that the most enterprising political parties will take the opportunity to intercept and feed the dissatisfaction of public opinion at the risk of a world conflict. It is not even necessary to talk about courage after all: those who do not take a stand in the coming weeks risk not only not winning the next election, but not even get there alive.

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