This week’s design gallery dedicated to outdoor life

For some, it is a spontaneous return to the charm of rural nature. For others, it makes the mountain landscape a new daily constant. For many, it simply means resuming the strings in a broken relationship. Reclaim outdoor life and enjoying the spaces under the sky is a common need. A need amplified by the pandemic and the effects of the lockdown that resurfaces, especially with the arrival of summer, where the longest days and the shy sun encourage even the lazy souls and the most dormant intentions. In the center of the second edition of Elle Decor Outdoorsthe review curated this year by Studiopepe and Marco Bay, exhibited in the courtyard of the Palazzo Litta, in Milan, until April 10, the theme oflive in the air now goes again and highlights the less escapist side of the reflection on well-being.

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If the natural dimension, to which desires and needs were entrusted until recently, was in fact mostly represented by distant places, lonely hermits who were almost unattainable or parallel worlds that were even a result of the imagination, the compass today points more and more directly mod by. Furniture and clothing fell for outdoor useas this week’s design gallery, pamper life outside the home without betraying the practicality, performance and style. Transversal and multifunctional, the objects that accompany the exploration of the world beyond the domestic walls, thus also find surprisingly infinite dimensions of the urban afterlife.

Woolrich Outdoor Label – 10 Mile

10 mile collection of woolrich outdoor label

Courtesy photo Woolrich Outdoor Label

Created to accompany the wearer all day, 10 Mile is the new collection launched by Woolrich Outdoor Label celebrating the outdoors. By combining style, functionality and comfort, the large wardrobe is designed to perform all the post-pandemic activities that again characterize our daily lives. From hiking in the mountains to light physical activity in the city, through cycling and work, the leaders of the made in Japan line also embrace rafting and fishing. “From waking up in your own bed to falling asleep in a tent in the desert, we explore the desire for comfort in the things that surround us,” the company wrote about it. Made of soft and comfortable materials, comfortable to touch, garments and accessories thus ensure the natural properties of wool and linen.

Fiskars – Garden accessories

fiskars maria korkeila garden clothes

Courtesy Photo

Fiskars, a well-known Finnish brand known for its high-quality house and garden tools, has entered into a partnership with Maria Korkeila, fashion designer who reinvents the more artisanal punk aesthetic, to launch the first collection of clothing and accessories designed for gardening and exploring the urban landscape. Unisex and multifunctional clothing and accessories confuse the amount of streetwear with the practical needs of workwear, in a set of ready-to-wear items made with vegan leather and other organic and recycled materials. Versatile garments include a jacket with protective pockets, a detachable hood and sleeves, and a tool belt that can be transformed into a modern bag, “to give a whole new meaning to urban swimwear.”

Sutherland Furniture – Franck

Sutherland furniture franck

Erik Petschek

With a number of new modular components, the Franck collection is designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Sutherland Furniture it grows (in the picture hanging the bed). Dressed in Perennials’ performing outdoor fabrics (also), also signed by the Belgian designer, the family of outdoor furniture, originally unveiled in 2019, is expanding and inaugurating new shapes and constructions for outdoor relaxation. The distinctive polyethylene wicker backrest, the generous cushions and preserved wooden and metal structures, the furniture from Sutherland also welcomes Melides, a family of terracotta vases created together with Domani, which draws inspiration from the sensual forms of Isamus’ works Noguchi, an American sculptor. of Japanese origin.

Côte & ciel and Hermansen – Bike One

côteciel and hermansen bike one

Laurent Secretary

For spring-summer 2022, the Parisian company côte & ciel descended on the asphalt to get on the saddle and inaugurate the collaboration with the Danish brand Hermansen. Designed for digital nomads and commuters from around the world, the new orange bike born from the successful French-Scandinavian tandem is an e-bike for minimalists. Designed for city driving, the two-wheeler is mounted on a sleek asymmetrical frame, equipped with a pair of stylish bags that include a backpack and shoulder strap. côte & ciel Hermansen Bike One it is thus ultra-compact, easy to maneuver and above all very light.

Renault – Concept SUITE N ° 4

renault concept suite n4

Courtesy Photo Renault

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Renault 4, an appeal in 2021, the French carmaker has decided to collaborate with the designer Mathieu Lehanneur to reinvent the vehicle. The result was a concept car, Suite N ° 4, inspired by a nomadic hotel room and defined as one Renault to live inside and out. “It’s a new mobility and travel experience,” the designer explained. “I wanted to merge the worlds of cars and architecture to create an outdoor hotel suite. Thus, the car is located exactly where you want it, be it by the sea, in the middle of a field. City you have always dreamed of.” Suite N ° 4, while retaining the same dimensions and exterior lines as the iconic model, introduces some new notes: the rear part and the tailgate have been replaced by polycarbonate windows, offering transparency and lighting similar to glass architecture, while solar energy. panels on the roof help charge the car’s battery, which is now 100% electric.

Thompson Street Studio – Quilt

thompson street studio

Courtesy photo via @thompsonstreetstudio, @tankpix

Founded in 2014 by Kiva Motnyk, “with the intention of creating experimental fabrics and objects imbued with authenticity and longevity”, as stated on the website, Thompson Street Studio explores the connections between art, industry and nature through textile design. “Our goal is to inspire a holistic approach to interacting with objects in our daily lives, which in turn strengthens a more creative and collaborative life,” they explain from the New York studio. Duvets, rugs, tablecloths and runners are thus inspired by the landscape and nature, to rework ancient handicrafts and return home decor accessories perfect for life inside and outside the home.

De Castelli – Opera

alpine furniture

Courtesy Photo De Castelli

Designed by Alessandro Masturzo, Opera is a set of tools for gardening and horticulture that draw inspiration from the rediscovery of extraordinary peasant civilization. Produced by De Castelli since 2011, the collection of tools is an open invitation that renews the love of the country and its processing: simple lines evoke the essence of genuine, hard-working and dignified wisdom, while surprising features are reminiscent of ingenious solutions and outdated gestures. . .

CP Company X Clarks Originals

cp firma x clarks originals

Will Grundy

At the top of the list of the most focused collaborations designed for spring-summer 2022, CP Company X Clarks Originals seeks the hub where nature meets the city. Consisting of two jackets and two shoe models, the clothing line is equally inspired by the design language of Clarks’ cult Desert Trek shoes and by CP Company’s historic ability to produce sportswear-inspired performance fabrics and outdoor clothing. With a mix of country life and urban routine, the wardrobe combines natural materials and traditional craftsmanship with the most modern industrial technology, adapting silhouettes and fashionistas’ trends to the practical and real needs of 21st century outdoor life.

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