the initiative and advice on what to eat

the initiative and advice on what to eat

Acilia: In the beginning The AD SPEM initiative to donate blood at a time of year that is always difficult to collect, but more importantly given the imminent start of the bathing season. Tomorrow’s agreement will be by appointment for all generous donors until 11.30 in the kindergarten “Tutti a Scuola” in Via dei Monti di San Paolo 55. Details.

Acilia, a morning to donate blood to the Ad Spem transfusion centers: the association recommends the ideal breakfast for donors

Donating blood is a gesture that is the maximum expression of generosity and the meaning of life. Yes, because donating blood gives life, e.g. even more important is to do it continuously or at a time of year when the supply in the transfusion centers is most deficient.

The initiative tomorrow Tuesday 3 May from 8.00 to 11.30 will take place in the kindergarten “Everyone at school” in Via dei Monti di San Paolo 55, where you can go to donate blood with a simple reservation, by writing to:

indicating name and surname, mobile phone and reservation place.


Here’s what to eat before donating blood: what foods to avoid and others that can make donation more effective

When it comes to blood donation, many have thousands of doubts about what is right to do, especially on the nutrition front. Therefore, in a few passages, the indications given by Ad Spem in this connection are summarized, which in the meantime, among the first things, dispels the myth and confirms that you should not donate blood on an empty stomach.

On the contrary, there are foods that are particularly suitable to be taken the day before the donation, as well as in the morning itself and which can also make the donation better. Here’s what they are:

In the 24 hours prior to collectionwho wonders what to eat before donating blood will have to focus on foods like:

  • white meat such as chicken or turkey;
  • Fish;
  • Pasta;
  • Rice;
  • Salad;
  • Vegetables (also in the form of soups or minestrone).

Favorites are foods rich in fluids and iron but low in fatin order not to change the blood values ​​significantly and that in principle it would be better to take it often as they are part of a proper diet.

Even if it’s right whoever wants to become a blood donor does not necessarily have to follow dietsif, however, he intends to do it diligently, then it is good that you are following some general guidelines that can improve your condition as a donor.

Recommended breakfast before blood donation

The first breakfast is the most important thing of the day, it increases energy, stimulates brain activity and metabolism, and for those who especially want to donate blood, Ad Spem’s advice is to take at least two to three hours before charging. the following foods, including there are several liquidswhich is lost during the donation:

  • water;
  • tea or coffee;
  • fruit juice;
  • fruit
  • biscuit;
  • biscuits with jam or honey.

What foods should you avoid before donating

Among other requirements for donating blood, there are also gods foods that one should preferably avoid the day before pickup. Here’s what they are:

  • very fatty meat;
  • fried;
  • egg;
  • processed sweets;
  • sugary drinks (orange soda, soda);
  • spiced meat;
  • cheese;
  • ice;
  • cream.

And here is what too you must not eat breakfast before the donation:

  • croissants with cream or chocolate;
  • processed sweets;
  • milk and its derivatives (butter, yoghurt);
  • egg;
  • spiced meat;
  • cheese;
  • fruit with a lot of sugar (bananas, figs);
  • too sugary drinks ..

What should definitely not be underestimated is also the postal donation, as it is necessary to regain the strength and energy that has been used adequately. For this donor AD SPEMwill be able to benefit from a moment of compound refreshment from croissant, cappuccino and fruit juice. It’s a small way of saying thank you to those who have made the enormous gesture of solidarity of the donation.

The post-donation diet must then also be continued after the rich breakfast Ad Spem, drinking water and fruit juices, or eating soups, vegetables or fruits, and on the day of donation it is even advisable to double the fluid doses usually taken.

Alcohol and smoking after blood donation are also not recommended; Alcohol dehydrates the body, while cigarettes can cause pressure changes and resulting dizziness or fainting. is on Google News:
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