The image of the cars overturned by an explosion and the windows of the intact houses in Bucha? None! The story is different

A photo taken in Ukraine shows an anomaly: It depicts a soldier and a group of children walking between some overturned cars, as if following an explosion. However, the windows around the site are intact: this has led many users to believe that the image of destruction was, in fact, once again artfully constructed by the Western media to stage an attack that is in fact only a staging. But there is an explanation for this strangeness.

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  • A photo of cars overturned in front of perfectly intact glass is used to demonstrate how the bombing in Ukraine is fake and staged by Western media.
  • In fact, it was not a bombing that toppled these machines: no one has ever supported this hypothesis.
  • Residents of the neighborhood claimed instead that the cars were overturned by soldiers from the Russian army


“Spoonfuls. Cars overturned, but the glass in the windows is intact. Either Putin has new bombs that do not even leave holes in the ground, or you drink everything,” a user wrote on Facebook. “I want them too! Transparent titanium glass? “Asks another, ironically enough, that in the attached picture in both cases, despite an alleged bomb that could overturn several cars, the windows of the adjacent buildings have not even gotten a scratch.

It would have happened in Ukraine, at an unspecified place in the quoted posts: the thesis that is being tried to prove is that, even in this case, we are in the presence of overwhelming evidence that can prove that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine was staged of the western media ..

Photo from the Associated Press

The image in question has been taken on April 4, 2022 by photographer Rodrigo Abd dell ‘Associated Press (AP), in the city of Bucha, Ukraine. The text that originally accompanied the image read: “A Ukrainian soldier walks with children and walks past car damaged by the war against Russia, and Bucha, on the outskirts of Kiev ». We therefore find no reference to an alleged bomb attack. On the same day and in the same place as the pictures, however, the AP tells of testimony from the 57-year-old Tanya Nedashkivs’ka, who tells of the murder of her husband, Vasyl Nedashkivskyi, by Russian soldiers. The image has been relaunched by the Ukrainian national and international media, but no one is talking about a bomb attack: the only reference is the attack on the city of Bucha and the consequences of the war in general.

Where the photo was taken

We can deny the fact that the machines were strategically placed in the position of the Ukrainians themselves to give a false picture of the conditions in the city: as the Greek fact checkers of reconstruct, the picture was actually taken. on some condominiums located near the streets Santova and Vodoprovinda, and this information can be verified thanks to a trivial overview on Google Maps.

Video of the drone

A drone that flew over the same area between March 23 and 30, 2022, and took pictures check by independent bodies allows us to verify that the overturned cars were already present on the site in the last week of March, or when the Russians still had control of the area (which they maintained until 31 March): we can therefore rule out that the Moscow army has lent itself to a show aimed at drawing water at the mill in Kiev.

Photos mentioned by ellinika fact checkers

On the other hand, it is not even conceivable that the residents of the neighborhood enjoyed overturning the cars of the condominiums before the outbreak of the war: a video at the end of February 2022, that is, before the arrival of the Russian army, it will not take back any car that has overturned on the spot. The fact is that it is not yet clear what really happened.

The media does not talk about an “explosion”

These cars were hardly damaged by a bombing: the records of the AP and Reuters, as well as articles in international newspapers that shoot them from different angles, make it possible to establish that the cars beyond the abnormal position do not suffer serious damage, or the typical signs of an explosion. In an interview with Reuters by a resident of the area and published on April 7 last year (three days after that shot), however, we read:

(…) Nedaskowski, 47, and another local were found dead – their mutilated bodies were found on an underground staircase in a building on the complex – and many of the group’s residents had fled.
A Renault Captur SUV and an Audi Sedan were overturned in the parking lot.

There speaks a man named Oleksii Tarasevich, an engineer who witnessed what happened in the building. It is still:

Russian troops began arriving in Bucha on February 27, locals said, a week before arriving at the Vodoprovinda Street complex.
There, they searched the three apartments in one of the buildings, which they used as a command post, and occupied a basement.. According to photos taken by Tarasevic,
soldiers parked armored vehicles and military trucks in the courtyard of the apartment complex.

A photo published by Reuters proving the presence of military vehicles in the neighborhood

The testimonies of the surviving citizens of Bucha

Tarasevich’s testimony is to be regarded as reliable, as he took several pictures as evidence that day. He and other neighbors, whose testimonies are backed by photographs, told Reuters and the AP that Armored vehicles and Russian military trucks were in the area where the overturned vehicles were found. Everyone agrees that the damage to cars it can be explained by the presence of a Russian military force in the neighborhood. Even the photographer Emanuele Satolli, present on stage on behalf of Wall Street Journalhe has declared: “In the place where I took my pictures, in the city of Bucha, I have I met several citizens and they all told me that the cars had been overturned by the Russians with tanks but they did not know why the Russians did so“.

In fact, overturning machines is by no means an unusual practice in such situations: on several occasions, in the city of Bucharest or in other urban areas of Ukraine, Overturned vehicles were found. This is because cars can be used as a roadblock or hiding place, by the armies that control a particular point. In the specific case of Bucha, it is also possible that the vehicles were overturned by Russian soldiers to render them unusable or to clear the road to facilitate the passage of heavy vehicles. To definitively confirm the hypothesis, the witness is once again Tarasevich, who, for the avoidance of any doubt, confirmed to ellinika’s fact checkers: “The cars in the yard of our house were overthrown by Russian soldiers. They did this to hide their military equipment. During the construction of these “shelters”, Russian soldiers installed their equipment near the buildings and covered them with cars on both sides. They also hid the equipment from possible reconnaissance from the room or drones and covered it with blankets and rugs that they took out of the house apartments in the picture they broke into.“.


The photo was taken in the Ukrainian city of Bucha e it was not presented in the media to portray the effects of the alleged Russian bombing. Damage to cars occurred as a result of the war and could be due to many causes, for example, the use of cars as checkpoints or cover points for enemy fire or to hide material. According to eyewitnesses in the specific district of the city of Bucha, the vehicles were deliberately overturned by members of the Russian army, who had settled in an apartment building very close to the place where the photo in question was taken.

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