Stan for a culture of quality construction

It is awarded once a year by the Swiss Heritage Association to a Swiss political municipality to reward its particularly virtuous behavior in the management of its territory, especially in the field of urban planning and architecture. The prestigious Wakker Prize is 50 years old and has arrived in Ticino twice: in 1982 in Avegno and in 1993 in Monte Carasso. Since then (almost three decades have passed) there is nothing more south of the Alps.

The Ticino Society for Art and Nature (Stan), the Ticino section of Swiss Heritage, wants to celebrate these 50 years with various initiatives. The first is a conference, followed by a round table on Monday, May 16 from 6 p.m. 20.00 to 22.00 in the Banca dello Stato auditorium, via Henri Guisan 5 in Bellinzona. Registration no later than 12 May at 15.00 at or by calling 091 751 16 25. The meeting is open to everyone and free.

To explain the content of the conference and the guided tour program, planned at various locations in Ticino during the year, Stan’s board met with journalists at its Locarno office, via Borghese 42. Introducing President Tiziano Fontana, Deputy Benedetto Antonini and city planner Sabrina Németh.

“At the invitation of the Central Committee, all cantonal sections have organized a program of events seeking to highlight the work of Swiss Heritage to raise public and public awareness of the ethical and regulatory objectives of prudent and sensitive management of the territory, in particular through the selection of candidates from the Wakker Prize and, looking to the future, also invite all staff to adopt the strategy of the Federal Council for a “Culture of Quality Construction” – explained Fontana – to this end, we have taken this last aspect as the theme of the year to be addressed in the publication “Our Country.” These days, the first issue of 2022 will be delivered to members ».

The event program in Ticino begins with a conference debate to be held on Monday 16 May in Bellinzona. Architect-urban planner Sabrina Németh, former project manager for the commission that Swiss Heritage has nominated for the selection of candidates for the Wakker Prize, as well as other experts from Ticino and Graubünden will speak. “I want to explain what the architectural cultural award consists of, how it has changed over the years, reflecting on the problems with the development of the area – announced Németh -. Using pictures I will give some examples ». A round table will accompany Antonini, Fernando Giovanoli (Mayor of Bregaglia) and Sophie Agata Ambroise (Landscape Architect of Lugano).

“As for the future of the price, and more generally for the analysis of the projects, a further development can be expected in Switzerland – added Németh -. Both in terms of the municipal mergers, and for questions about new sensitivities, linked to, for example, a design of the open space, which also involves private plots. And again: biodiversity in the city, urban planning, housing culture and evaluation of the quality of projects by the public body ».

Antonini, for his part, stressed the need for a holistic or systemic vision of the territory. Without forgetting sustainable development that also goes through the culture of quality construction. Without forgetting, finally, the difficult question of the weighting of interests, which “must be the result of a justification of the many interests at stake, not just that of the producer”. Items that will definitely jump around the round table.

Guided tours

The public lecture will be followed by seven tours. The first is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 from 10.15 to 12 in Avegno. Other sites will follow (Monte Carasso, Bellinzona, Fusio, Rovio, Ronco sopra Ascona and Chiasso), chosen because they are particularly significant and exemplary in improving the territory, as well as for the missed opportunities in some areas of great value. Details on

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