Seven jobs to get rich!

Is it possible to create a profession that can make us earn a fantastic monthly salary and make us rich?

Yes, that is possible. In this article, we will specifically examine seven jobs that can earn you even more than three thousand euros a month and will give you the opportunity to get rich. Let’s get started!

The first job to get rich: The Marketing Manager!

A Marketing Manager is a professional who has a leading role and responsibility for the entire marketing sector of a company. Its main tasks are: to analyze the market and customer behavior to create ad hoc strategies and successful marketing activities.

The marketing manager is therefore always based on an accurate market analysis, then studies good communication of the product or service that the company offers, develops and maintains solid PR and executes marketing strategies both online and offline. The marketing manager’s goal is to increase sales of the services offered or the products sold by the company he works for.

How to become a marketing manager?

If this is your dream, start with some specific studies: (marketing management, economics, business administration, etc.), continuing with a master’s degree and education always on the same topics, improve yourself with internships and internships, and subsequently you are ready to take over the reins in the marketing of a business.

A marketing manager can earn from € 35,000 to € 120,000 a year, depending on the experience and the company he works for.

The second job to get rich: The Quality Manager!

Are you looking for a new job and are you interested in working as a quality manager? Let’s see how to start this profession.

A quality manager must ensure compliance and implementation by the operations department of the company’s quality standards. His job is to develop quality standards and check that established guidelines are adhered to.

A quality manager can earn between € 33,000 and € 110,000 gross per year. Not bad, is it?

The Third Job to Get Rich: The SAP Consultant!

Have you found any announcements regarding SAP consultants but you do not know what role they are?

An SAP consultant is tasked with introducing SAP ERP software in a company. In practice, he takes care of managing the complex SAP management software present in many multinational companies and used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

It also deals with needs assessment, user training and process optimization.

The gross monthly salary of an SAP consultant varies from 3,800 to 9,000 euros gross.

The fourth job to get rich: Art Director!

Are you currently thinking about your professional future and your opportunities, and have you come across the profession of art director? Do you now want to know if this job could be your dream job, and what tasks should you take on as art director?

The art director is responsible for the design and development of the advertising campaigns. The few words can be said to be the creative and strategic leader of the entire ad section which relates to the services and products offered by the company for which he works. Create projects, concepts, advertising campaigns of any kind. Work as a team of experts in various disciplines.

Art director can earn between 2,000 and 9,000 euros gross per month.

Most art directors have degrees or have studied graphic design, photography and drawing. A background in graphic design is now crucial to working in this sector.

The fifth job to get rich: the IT expert or the computer technology expert

Almost no one can imagine a world and above all a job without a PC. In order for the entire IT part to run smoothly, the IT technology must be planned, configured and then maintained. Furthermore, it will always be necessary to choose the software needed for the business. All this is the task of IT specialists, information technology.

If you love information technology, becoming an IT specialist is a job that you will be happy and satisfied with.

The IT specialist differs from a simple IT specialist in that he specializes in a subject, such as application development or system integration. In general, it deals with design, configuration, administration and analysis of computer systems.

The IT specialist can be divided into two main areas: the one that deals with the integration of the system and the combination of the individual hardware components, and the one that deals with the development of applications and software that are necessary to function properly. .

To become an IT specialist, it is advisable to follow a three-year education in computer technology, but also in computer science or systems engineering or electronics.

The gross salary of an experienced IT specialist ranges from 3,000 to 9,000 euros per month.

The sixth job to get rich: The system architect!

Are you looking for a job that suits you and are you looking for different alternatives? Have you come across the subject system architect and now you want to know what characterizes this subject and whether this job would be the right choice for you?

A system architect is usually a qualified specialist in various computer areas, who is responsible for planning and managing small and large system architectures.

Usually he always works in an advisory and conceptual capacity. As a systems architect, he defines and plans infrastructures, monitors projects and investigates various functions and possibilities. To start a career as a systems architect, you must have a degree in computer science or technology. A systems architect earns a gross salary of between 47,700 and 101,400 annually.

This professional is called his own “architect” because, thanks to his skills, he allows many computer systems to work together within an orderly architecture.

This type of profession is very exciting, certainly demanding, but very well paid, and is highly sought after in various industries.

The seventh job to get rich: the air traffic controller!

Would you like to work as an air traffic controller? It’s a hugely responsible job! In fact, the safety in the air comes from the air traffic controllers.

An air traffic controller helps pilots navigate the aircraft, coordinates flight paths and thus ensures safety in the airspace. Pilots or air traffic controllers also monitor the operation of aircraft. The air traffic controller provides the pilot with coordinates to allow smooth takeoffs and landings, to keep the flight paths clear and to avoid accidents.

The gross annual salary of an air traffic controller ranges from 72,000 to 100,000 euros.

This job comes with a lot of responsibility, but it is challenging, exciting and well paid. It is a team effort, often very stressful, so you have to stay nervous.

To become an air traffic controller, you only need a high school diploma. Those who have participated in an Aeronautical Technical Institute or an equivalent study oriented towards air traffic control can apply for ENAC and take a specific exam to obtain the FISO license.

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