School, prof recovered after Covid and discriminated against by platform: ‘no in class’

‘Bug’ on the platform confirms that vaccines are not in accordance with the law. The case told Key4biz by Cristina Costarelli, president, National Association of Presidents of Lazio: “On the platform, some teachers who have recovered from Covid for 90 days are not updated with vaccines. Without checking the green passport with ‘VerificationC19’- the app, we are forced to remove 2-3 teachers per school from the classes, but unfair: they have another 90 days to be vaccinated ”.

Today, throughout Italy, at least 2-3 teachers per school that has recovered from Covid for 90 days has been banned from entering the classroom and teaching. This is the effect of the “bug” on the platform associated with the Education Information System (Sidi), which automatically checks vaccinated and unvaccinated teachers. He tells it to Key4biz, Cristina Costarellichairman, National Association of Deans of Lazio, who is awaiting a response from the Ministry of Education.

The problem arose this morning for the first time, because as of today, principals and their delegates can no longer verify the green passports for teachers and school staff with the ‘VerificationC19’ app. “The management only takes place automatically with the Ministry of Education’s platform.

“Platforms”, says head teacher Costarelli“Tells us who is ‘red’ or ‘green’, that is, who does not fulfill the vaccination obligation imposed on school staff until June 15. Those who are not vaccinated cannot work. And until last Saturday, when they were able to check the green passport also with the ‘VerificationC19’ application, those who were in possession of the reinforced green passport were in good condition and therefore these teachers could go to the class for to teach”.

“In these hours”, continues“We find on the ‘red’ platform that the teachers got over Covid after 90 days, and since they are no longer able to verify the green passport with the smartphone through ‘VerificationC19’, all the teachers who are ‘red’ ‘on the platform, by default and can not send them to class’. Notwithstanding the law, the validity of the healing certificate is 180 days from the date of the first positive inoculation.

In fact, the principal explains: “After 90 days, the healthy person can be vaccinated, but it is not mandatory because the cure certificate covers up to 180 days.

Here we are forced to remove them from the teaching, but unfairly, only because they are ‘red’ on the platform, despite the law giving the opposite: that is, healing gives them the right for 180 days not to be vaccinated ”.

And the consequence of all this is very serious.

“It means that from today”, Costarelli condemns, “We must remove at least 2-3 teachers in the school from the classroom, call in substitute teachers who are difficult to find, interrupt the continuity of teaching in the last school month at a time when we are moving towards easing anti-Covid measures. Instead, restrictions apply here for the school, which does not even have a full legitimacy basis ”.

A paradox.

The leader told us about another paradox that is experienced these days in school and pertains to DAD.

If a school from April 1 does not receive a medical certificate confirming the illness, the student can not follow the instruction online. Positive swab alone is not enough to activate DAD.

That’s another paradox of the school today “, comments Cristina Costarellipresident, National Association of Presidia of Lazio. “The doctor’s statement was not necessary as the pandemic was in its acute phase, now it is required while the other measures are relaxed”.

“This medical certificate requirement for DAD”, ends, “It creates disorientation in parents for various reasons: Many are not aware of it, like some doctors, and among the latter, some release it for a fee. Instead of simplifying, a meaningless obstacle was created ”.

Here is also the latest paradox.

From 1 April, teachers have been exempted from the green passport from teaching in the classroom, however, teachers who have not been vaccinated have been banned, now on loan for “functional activities”, many of which “imagine with difficulty“By school leaders. “Many appeal serially against this measure because they consider it illegitimate“, Says Rector Costarelli. “At no wax teachers we pay substitutes “, adds.

Finally, since yesterday, down the mask, in bars, restaurants and even supermarkets. The duty to wear it, however, remains in many other places indoors, as in school.

In fact, the obligation to wear masks, surgical or “more protective effect”, for students over 6 years, teachers and ATA staff, has been extended to the end of the school year 2021-2022 in schools. There is something new for those who turn 6 and go to kindergarten: there is no longer an obligation to wear a mask, as required by a change proposed by M5S.

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