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With the availability of the portal Digital PA 2026activated the government access point to resources for the digital transition of public administrations that can use platform to enter each profile and apply to receive the notifications and then request funding. In particular, the platform is now the access channel for schools involved in cloud migration projects, and of creation or restoration of websites, who will be able to find dedicated vouchers, to obtain the necessary contributions.

The problem of the “real” digitization of schools is a long-standing problem that has been talked about for over 15 years. It would be enough to remember that just over a year ago, the European Commission approved the Italian government’s public grant of 325 million euros to provide 12,000 schools with an ultra-fast internet connection, which is still lacking. It would therefore be important to reconcile the availability of funds for clouds and websites with the actual availability of ultra-broadband.
In this context, we are talking about the digital transition to the beyond 8 thousand schoolsthanks to the resources made available by Department of Digital Transformation by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in cooperation with Miur. It’s about 95 million euros, divided into 50 million for migration to Cloud And 45 mio to create or modernize in sites. Schools can log in with their digital identity on digital PA 2026, request funding and receive assistance. The deadline for submitting applications to, among others two warnings (cloud and web) is June 24, 2022. From the publication of the Executive Order onwards are some 30-day time windows after which the institute finances the applications received during the reference period.

As for cloud projects, the executive order is intended for primary and lower secondary schools headquarters, including comprehensive institutions, which has not yet launched a service migration plan for the cloud or who has done so since February 1, 2020.
The portal offers a guided tour as possible “Write” your migration plan online to choose from a list of 32 services, to be able to migrate from three to 23 services of your choice, with the obligation to complete the migration within 18 months from the activation of the contract with the provider. In any case, there is a need for a preparation process that each school must implement based on the classification of its data and services – according to the criteria defined byNational Cyber ​​Security Agency, according to Italy Cloud Strategy and available in the reserved area of ​​the portal.

Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Education

Thus Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi: “With funds from PNRR, we support the construction of a more innovative school in both skills than in infrastructure. By accessing this award, schools will be able to upgrade and simplify the work of the secretariatsspeed up communication with families, provide more information transparency And availability. In order to encourage participation and reduce the workload of school secretariats, the methods of reporting on the use of funds have been simplified]…[“[“[“[“.

It is obvious that the greatest benefits associated with this type of projects can be achieved throughimplementation of a range of digital services brought to qualified infrastructures to effectively provide reliable, secure and consistent services Cloud Italy strategy. Today, however, a number of services are already available, but these rely on heterogeneous platforms, which are not always effective, which often adopt usage procedures that are neither agile nor completely secure. Above all, it would be useful to be able to “standardize” the availability of the services themselves on at least a number of criteria.

In this direction, it is at least the intention to make vouchers available to update or create the pages based on a standard model to enhance parents’ digital experiences, student and of the whole school community represents a step in the right direction, also because it allows the adoption of a model reduce costs and development times of the digital offerings from first- and second-grade schools, including holistic schools, which allow institutions to concentrate their resources on content and teaching.

Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation

In this connection, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Digital Transformation have developed one standard institutional site reference to offer students, teachers, Ata staff, parents and in general all, a simple and accessible access point to updated information from a reliable, institutional and recognizable source. The model, which will be gradually updated, is built according to the needs of the users and is made available through the Designers Italia project.

“The future of our country is being built in schools, and this investment by the NRP in the proliferation of digital is fundamental he comments Vittorio Colao, Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation -. The resources will enable institutions to offer increasingly secure and efficient services thanks to the cloud and to provide faster and clearer information through accessible and effective websites. An important step forward to bring the digital transition to the school world as well, with benefits for school staff, students and parents. “.


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