School, compulsory masks until June. The principals clap, but the knot of prof no-vax remains

The roadmap that the Draghi government has drawn up to return to normalcy allows for easing that will lead us to an almost definitive halt to any kind of restriction by June. Among these, from 1 May, the obligation to wear masks almost everywhere and show the green passport to gain access to certain places has first and foremost ceased. As for the school, however, the board has currently decided to leave the situation unchanged: with students aged 6 and over, they will continue to keep the masks until the end of the lessons. A decision that disappoints those who expected a return to pre-pandemic normality in school, but who find full support among school leaders, as evidenced by the words of Cristina Costarelli, president of the National Association of Headmasters (ANP) in Lazio.

The principals promote the government’s decision

The representative of the principals and the headmaster of Newton High School in Rome, consulted by, considers this decision to be the daughter of a sensible reflection and in accordance with the whole school community’s right to study: “Actually – explains – there is a reason that led to this choice and which I feel I can share, namely respect for fragility. So if it is true that children can catch the virus anywhere and be carriers of it, it is important that there is a mask screen in the school that becomes protection for students with special pathologies, such as immunosuppressed. “.

So what changes are there in the departments? In fact a little: “We have a confirmation – remembers Costarelli – of that you will continue to wear the mask until the end of the lessons and for the exam. Surgical mask that becomes ffp2 in case there are more than 4 positives in a class “. Despite having been there, the principal points out “A big step to argue that it was appropriate not to wear a mask at school as it is almost no longer worn outside”. Also because the positivity from Covid-19, even though it is declining, has not disappeared: the latest monitoring from the Ministry of Education registers a percentage of absent students corresponding to 1.2%.

No-vax teachers and father certificate: the nodes remain standing

The principals therefore promote the line of government. At the same time, however, they are reminiscent of the other problems that the new rules may not solve, such as that of unvaccinated staff: “There will be no more basic Green Pass control for anyone: neither personal nor external”. But the vaccination obligation remains, which according to the school leader opens up a paradox: “We have unvaccinated ATA staff who stay in school and work, just as we have unvaccinated teachers who work 36 hours without being in class. So there are still dubious situations, even at a financial level: we pay both unvaccinated teachers and the staff who replace them. “. An observation, this, previously raised by the national number one of the ANP, Antonello Giannelli.

Not to mention questions about the medical certificate to father, which remains a sore point. To date, it is necessary to present this document to the school to take advantage of the online lessons. A rule that, instead of simplifying, complicates the dynamics within the institutions, and which, according to Costarelli, should therefore be deleted: “In a simplification logic, it has been defined for several months that a certificate is not necessary to re-enter after the positivity, but a cotton swab is enough. In general, at least in Lazio, we have returned to the simplification measures in 2018, for which a certificate is not required even if it is absent for more than five days “. Therefore, the certificate to follow father from home in the eyes of the principal has almost no reason to exist. “In some cases – Costarelli ends – these certificates are paid for, while in other cases the doctors do not know the legislation. We want to simplify as much as possible, but then we leave measures that do not simplify. “.

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