“Russian revenge can come from heaven”


At 6.43 the sirens waking Odessa remind us that this could be a worse day of war than usual. Also reported explosions around the city by the Black Sea.On May 2, 2014 in the House of Trade Unions, a giant building not far from the train station, amid clashes between pro-Russians and supporters of the “Euromaidan” revolution that spread across the country to deposed governments installed of Moscow, about forty people died in the fire in the building.

The exchange of accusations and the endless investigations remained alive in Vladimir Putin’s public speech, which repeatedly quoted that episode. Therefore, the curfew has been extended in Odessa for fear of a powerful Russian retaliation eight years later. The city is deserted, the sensitive centers are guarded, and the anti-aircraft aircraft are kept fully operational.

That things went back to the early days of the war, when the attacks were at any point, understood the people of Odessa on Saturday afternoon, when the “Pearl of the Black Sea” runs out of the hour with a blow on the 17th air allowed by an undeclared and illusory ceasefire. Three roars shake the clear sky in the city, which for one day thought it could be outdoors, between the garden and the sea, without always having to think about war. The missiles hit the airport and damaged the runway. And tomorrow it is eight years since the massacre of pro-Russians, at least 50 died in the clashes on May 2, 2014. Then the international community asked for an independent investigation into the fire in the House of Trade Unions, where Russophiles had taken refuge. And not having found the culprits is one of Putin’s frequently used pretexts to justify the aggression. The alarm sirens were activated after the fact. Only on Friday, three out of three missiles had been intercepted and destroyed during the escape, and yesterday the city received assurances: “We have assembled and put an advanced anti-aircraft system into operation,” local authorities said. Certainly the missile barrier has been pierced. It is evidence that Moscow is using weapons that the radar did not detect while some drones were shot down shortly after the attack at the airport.

Shortly before the news agency UNIAN he had released a note from the Ukrainian National Police, according to which «the Russian special services have planned to destabilize the situation in the Odessa region by encouraging citizens to riots and protests on 2 May. From today, there is an uninterrupted curfew until Tuesday. Everyone on the street will be treated as an enemy, “warns the military. During the day, soldiers and agents conducted checks and searches. “Weapons were found and seized – inform the police – as well as communist equipment, brochures with communist symbols and other forbidden symbols as well as grenades, ammunition, mobile phones and equipment”.

The psychological effect of the new attack could be felt immediately. Those who could jump in the car to get away from the center feared that the explosions could reach the streets of the administration buildings. However, many did not move from the tables in the bars. On a Saturday, it seemed normal. In the previous days, most of the Frisian horses and reinforced concrete barriers that had been placed to protect the historic city had been removed. And after almost seventy days, one night finally passed without the sirens interrupting their sleep and forcing them to seek shelter in basements and garages. The resilient Odessa was awakened away from the picture with all the helmet and trigger. Families stroll through the parks. Soldiers on the move a trip with their girlfriends. Scenes already seen a century ago by veterans without legs, patted by passers-by and encouraged by friends. Some dare to give him a pat, others ask him for a selfie. Further ahead, where the hill opens onto the sea, there are girls sunbathing wearing the season’s first bikini. The temperature would not allow it, but many things are done in war for fear of not recovering. The soldiers look at them, “What the hell are we going to do at the front again,” one says as he stumbles over his own rifle. They just stay there, impaled to look at them. And for a moment they do not seem to think of tomorrow’s matches. Odessa resists are the newlyweds sitting on the edge of the fountain while the wedding photographer adjusts the veil while two old men hand in hand look for a vacant bench. Children and grandchildren have fled abroad and they are happy to know that they are alive and out of trouble.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the massacre of the pro-Russian people in 2014

“Captured messages from the Kremlin’s intelligence services to create destabilizing actions”

“We have had to rebuild our lives after the Russians once already. We can do it again, ”assures his wife, who learned French by attending the Opera as a young man. Not far from the sandbag graves, children play with scooters around a photographic exhibition that tells the pain of the conflict and increases the value of the giants. There is still no room for words like “peace” and least of all “ceasefire”. When the missiles fall, we feel bad about the girls who were dressed again.


But the most concerned is Igor, who has a Russian name and a problem to solve. Months ago, he thought he had done something original by tattooing the sword fighter Zorro, who tracks a “Z” with three swords on his bicep. Now he is standing in line at the “tattoo artist”, at least to have the enemy’s letter deleted. Many look to the sky, but most expect news from the nearby eastern front. Military opposition and opposition from the remaining citizens hinder the Kremlin’s plan to hold a referendum to proclaim a separatist republic also in the area of ​​the city of Kherson, a strategic hub for land access to Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014. to Vadym Skibitsky, one of the public votes for military intelligence in Kiev, “Putin must prove his success by May 9”. It is the date on which the victory over the Nazis during World War II is remembered. If Kherson were to finally fall and politically surrender to the Kremlin, then Odessa would be even more in danger. Therefore, the date of May 2 is expected as a certain condemnation, which we pray and fight against. In the evening not only the sirens, but also the bells start ringing again. No one knows where the next shots will come from and where they will fall. Last Sunday it was Orthodox Easter, but the Ukrainian crossroads is not yet at the last station.

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