“Poorly spent money and conflicting actions”

“The mayor, a councilor or someone else does not go crazy in an instant and decides to close a school“. This is stated by the councilor for public works in Vibo Valentia municipality Giovanni Russoanswered this morning in the City Council to a precise and comprehensive question asked by the Action Group Leader Stefano Luciano to understand the reasons that led to the “disturbing” closure of the Portosalvo school, also because “very often we will not say real reasons for such striking problems, implied that in the final order from the mayor nothing is said about the motivation ». While the papers in the possession of the minority councilor show “a contradiction between the deeds of the officials and that which the mayor has signed”. [Continua in basso]

“The uselessness has nothing to do with the roof”

Commissioner Giovanni Russo

“I did not understand – Russo continued, after reading and reconstructing the story of the interventions made from 2016 to 2021 in the classroom – and I say this, taking responsibility for what I say, the controversy over the money spent on taken from school.Portosalvo school.And I did not understand why the intervention on the roof of the school did not weigh on the structure, and I’m not saying that, the technician responsible for carrying out that intervention says, but it eased the vertical load on that structure. At that time, we reasoned with the technical standards of 2008, and therefore, based on these standards, what was achieved was fine also by virtue of some regulations that they had given us. Subsequently, we continued to perform in-depth inspections, of which the responsible technicians certified that the structure was useless. But this uselessness has nothing to do with the implementation of the roof efficiency intervention. This intervention – explained Giovanni Russo – had involved replacing the roof with panels and restoring the cornices along with transporting rainwater. This was an intervention that the school principal requested to prevent it from raining inside the school. Subsequently, through these funds, which in effect provided an LC2 security effort, we were given an extension of the task of implementing an in-depth LC3 with budget funds, to be sure that the children could go to school in full security, after which the technician has determined the school’s inaccessibility. At this stage it was obliged for the mayor to proceed with the issuance of an order sanctioning the closure of the institute ».

Luciano: “No response to the closure of the school”

The leader of the action Stefano Luciano

Immediate reply from the action group leader, who recalled how “this topic has been discussed several times, but the answers given about the merits have not made me give up trying to re-raise the issue of the Portosalvo school. Because the truth is, I asked a limited question at the closure of the school in Portosalvo in the year 2021 and in a correct manner, Councilor Bruni has previously given some answers regarding interventions at the school which were not related to the closure. So – said Stefano Luciano again – I continued to deal with the subject: ie understand what were the technical reasons why the Portosalvo school was closed in 2021. This is the theme. I repeat that the theme is: why is the school closed in 2021? It is an administrative problem, which then translates into a political problem. For in the case of an intervention of 100,000 euros at the school, this is then considered useless a few days after that intervention. Then the type of intervention that was performed with the 100,000 euros does not matter, because I could say that the 100,000 euros were spent badly. Were the works for which 100,000 euros were spent poorly executed? Could they have been used differently? It is clear yes, because the objective data on which we are to carry out the evaluations is that the Portosalvo school has been closed. Councilor Russo brings proper technical clarification to the ground. I have never questioned the fact that this administration has not paid much attention to the general issue of security in first-degree institutions, I have confined myself to rewriting a specific theme “.

But the group leader always remembered, “the theme is not knowing from 2016 to 2021 what activities were carried out at the Portosalvo school to make it accessible, make it functional. The theme remains the same, but which I also have a hard time defining a discussion about, due to. I can not find the answer: that is why the Portosalvo school has been closed. And if this school has been closed, what are the problems encountered from a technical point of view that have determined its closure? “.

The technician who says “there are no problems”

That said, the group leader pointed out how it is possible that “the technician from Vibo Valentia Municipality says that there are no problems affects the school in Portosalvo, and the very moment he says this, the mayor closes it with an executive order. I therefore repeat that the school was closed in 2021, the offices have been questioned and they reply me with a registered note in March 2022. So they reply me today with a report with which they make the excursion concerning the school of Portosalvo. But then the report explains all the work that has been done at the Portosalvo school but does not go into the justification of my question. It is at the end of the report it is stated that the construction of the roof has not led to significant structural changes, such as. to produce changes in the stress state of the structure and the closure of the school due to the dangers of roof explosion. I therefore ask, what is the situation like in 2022 and why has the school been closed? ».

Therefore, in the opinion of the interested party, «the profile of it absolute contradiction between the report that was communicated to me on 8 March 2022 and which claims that there are no problems at the Portosalvo schoolwhile the school remains closed subject to an order from the mayor telling me that after diagnostic tests, without specifying which ones, the primary kindergarten in Portosalvo is useless. I conclude with two considerations. First, if money has been spent, it is spent badly, because if funds are spent, the school must be accessible and not useless. The other is one deep opposition between the actions, and in particular between the actions of the office and the order of the mayor, and this delimits an institutional and administrative anomaly for which this administration has the full responsibility ».

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