Pnrr. The community hospital in Morbegno and the community centers in Bormio and Livigno have been inaugurated

The Vice President and Councilor for Welfare, Letizia Moratti, cut the cord: “Today has a really important significance because we find ourselves in the process of inaugurating a number of structures expected of the area that strengthen and make a service even more qualified in a “particular geographical area is as important as Valtellina”.

Pnrr.  The community hospital in Morbegno and the community centers in Bormio and Livigno have been inaugurated

22 APR

The Community Hospital of Morbegno and the Community Houses of Bormio and Livigno are operational from today. The Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, made a stop in the province of Sondrio to inaugurate the health facilities.

First step in Morbegno, with the opening of the first of the five local hospitals in Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario (the others are planned in Tirano, 2 in Sondrio town and Dongo / CO). Follow Letizia Moratti has cut the ribbon on the new beds at Morbegno Hospice created thanks to the contribution of the Cancro Primo Help Onlus association.

“Today has a really important meaning because – Moratti’s words were relaunched in a note issued by the region – we find ourselves in the process of inaugurating a number of structures expected by the territory, which strengthens and makes even more qualified a service in a particular geographical area is as important as Valtellina “.” Morbegno – still Moratti – is increasingly a concrete health reference point for the Lower Valley, which, thanks to the Community Hospital and Hospice we are inaugurating today, offers even more targeted services “.

Samfundshospitalet is an intermediate hospitalization facility, intended for short-term hospitalizations for patients in need of health interventions with low clinical intensity. “It helps to provide more appropriate care by reducing, for example, incorrect access to the emergency room or other health services,” the Region emphasizes in the memo. In the structure there are 15 technical beds in 7 double rooms with bath and 1 single room with bath. The staff consists of 17 units including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and OSS.

UOS palliative care and hospice in Morbegno it is not only reserved for cancer patients but also for those suffering from a degenerative neurological, lung, kidney or heart disease in the terminal phase. The property currently has 7 single rooms with attached bathroom. It has been expanded, thanks to the contribution of the Cancro Primo Help Association, with a further 7 rooms. “Palliative care has been implemented, which provides relief from pain and other symptoms, integrates the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of assistance, offers a support system to help the family during illness,” the region emphasizes.

The Home Care Palliative Care Unit is also active to ensure people with advanced disease the opportunity to be followed at home. For activating the service, it is essential that there is a person in the home who can follow the patient (caregiver) to whom the team can refer. Assistance is guaranteed every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

The staff consists of 25 units including doctors, nurses and OSS.

Vice President Moratti subsequently went to Bormio to inaugurate the Common House. There will be a total of 9 located on the territory of Asst Valtellina Alto Lario (in addition to Bormio also Livigno, Tirano, Sondrio, Chiavenna, Morbegno, Dongo / CO, Berbenno di Valtellina and Chiesa in Valmalenco).

“Today in Bormio – said Moratti – we reaffirm how Lombardy’s philosophy is to improve local medicine more and more. This common house and Livigno’s house are of particular value because they look first and foremost at the people living in this geographical area. area, but also on the many tourists who spend their holidays in these beautiful mountains.

There are 53 employees attached to the house. The structure has the following services: Single point of access, family clinic with screening for cervical cancer (cardboard test, hpv test), Adi and integration with social service for chronicity, single booking center (CUP), medical specialist and outpatient diagnostics. And still point for sampling, general medicine, nursing clinic, medical continuity of care and vaccinations. Also present are the Psychosocial Center (CPS) and the Substance Abuse Service (SERT).

Last stop for Vice President Moratti Livigno with the inauguration of the Common House.

The plant has 33 staff units. Inside the house there is the individual access point, the family point with screening for cervical cancer (PAP Test, HPV Test), ADI and integration with social services for chronic patients, single booking center (CUP), specialist and outpatient diagnostics and the sampling site. The general medical clinics, the nursing clinic, the continuity of the nursing doctor, the first aid site, the psychiatric and substance abuse services and the vaccination area are operational in Livigno Community House.

April 22, 2022
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