Pieraccioni, closed houses should be reopened – Cinema

ROM – To inherit from a bizarre uncle (Massimo Ceccherini), a very successful company in Switzerland, which turns out to be a dating house. It’s the bizarre situation that Don Simone, a frontier priest, finds himself in, played by Leonardo Pieraccioni in his new comedy, The Sex of the Angels, with Sabrina Ferilli, Marcello Fonte, Massimo Ceccherini and Vincenzo Salemme arriving on April 21 in 400 copies with 01. “I liked to tell the first real balances made at my age. I’m 57 years old, and when you start looking at retirement age you start to wonder if what you’ve done is good or “Of course here I have been helped a lot by the ‘devil’ of Ceccherini, in the role of Uncle Waldemaro, who puts my character in front of a difficult test and redemption”. To the story, Pieraccioni also documented by talking to the manager of five dating houses in Switzerland, where these structures are legal. “I am absolutely in favor of the reopening of the closed houses. First of all, it is an induced one, in Switzerland they pay taxes. Then I have an avenue near the house, where in the evening it is full of girls, and there they become hours in the cold. In those structures they would be more protected “.

In the story is the agreement house, where among others Margo ‘(Gabriela Giovanardi), Ameriga (Eva Moore), Bella (Maite’ Yanes) and Alessia (Valentina Pegorer) work, led by Lena (Ferilli), former escort, who Due to his past she can not see how much her son would like. “In Italy, prostitution exists, the crime is its exploitation – remembers Sabrina Ferilli – we are again facing the great hypocrisy of this country, based on ‘I let you do the job, but if they kill you on the street, there is no’ before. for nothing ‘. I say that when it is there, it must be protected, otherwise it must not be there “. The role of the pastor interpreted here “I would do it again right away, I was very entertained”, Pieraccioni adds, emphasizing that “priests should definitely have the opportunity to get married”. When “I started in the cinema in ’94 with Veronesi, I always started from giving dignity to the characters. At first I interpreted young men a little lost to beauty; then I gave face to the insecurities of the fifties. Now the priests touch me, the fathers and in a few years the grandparents. ”Despite the still difficult moment for the film market, Pieraccioni lives his debut in the cinema with serenity:“ The public has always been so generous to me … if it were this time too, we would have to go door to door to thank him – he says. smiler -. We must defend space in every way. Watching the film on the big screen is a fantastic little ritual. It is true that before we were a little sheep and we exaggerated in that sense, today certain jokes could no longer be said. “There is, however,” a huge step between people’s colorful speech and the representation of this language in cinema. But this kind of attention is at its peak because it’s a news, I’m sure it will disappear in a few more years. “By sticking to the subject of comedy, Pieraccioni also comments on what happened at the Oscars. the award: “Will Smith made a c … ta, he should only have answered Chris Rock and he would have become a hero … but that’s easy to say in hindsight. With that slap, he has made a mistake, not blue, anymore, but like many of us, he is a heart acrobat. “Sabrina Ferilli also found Will Smith’s gesture” misplaced, just like the academy’s decision to exclude him for 10 years from Oscar night. .. But America is full of these twists without much meaning. “