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It is becoming more and more complex for companies to stand out in the mare magnum of the campaign offer and significant competition in the market.

But if you want your business to really have a lasting impact on your customers, send them personal calendars.

A study by a US research agency with 1,050 companies and the use of promotional calendars reveals that 94% of respondents retain advertising calendars given as free gifts. This is an incredibly high retention rate for any promotional material, especially a B2B product. This shows that printing table calendars custom can be an effective marketing tool for business campaigns.

The calendar printing season starts in the middle to the end of the year and distribution begins around the holidays. There is only a short window where people want calendars; therefore, you need to pay attention to planning their creation and sending them at the right time.

Make the most of this time by making your own personal calendars and contacting a professional printing company such as Sprint 24in order not to make mistakes and avoid the advertising boomerang effect.

A personalized calendar helps you spread your brand and stay at the forefront of your customers’ attention all year roundmaybe longer.

Here’s a collection of some helpful tips for creating corporate promotional calendars.

Choice of main themes

Think of an appropriate theme. It is best if the theme is related to your brand and message. Avoid choosing themes that are too trendy, as you may risk them becoming obsolete even before the end of the year. Write your thoughts or make a draft or sketch of your calendars; then refine your ideas from there.

For wall calendars, create a unique design for each month. Wall calendars have several pages and plenty of space for different design concepts. Specify your concept for each month’s design. This will help you build ideas that best fit the overall theme.

For single-page calendars, use only one strong design. Remember once again to choose a concept that reminds people of your brand.

Hire a professional designer or photographer. If you think you’re having trouble customizing calendars, you can seek out a graphic designer or photographer to help you. Find them through professional sites like Sprint 24.

Use of images

Use real product images. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can show some of your dishes. This can attract customers to visit and eat at your restaurant. If you are in the real estate business, you can print pictures of the houses or condominiums you are selling.

Use images that tell stories or convey emotions. Choose images that make people remember your brand. For example, if you are a travel agent, you can show pictures of happy people in beautiful tourist places. Avoid using stock photos. It is best to use pictures that show real emotions, such as children playing or a couple walking in a park. Use real photos taken by a professional or your photographer to show people what your brand can offer them.

Use high-resolution images for high-quality printing.

Text layout

Add captions to your photos. You can include personalized offers for each month to inspire your customers with dedicated campaigns (Christmas campaign in December; 2 × 1 on Valentine’s Day in February; etc …).

Choose the right font for your calendars. Make sure the text is legible by choosing the correct font and size for your calendars.

Do not overload your calendars with too much text. Nothing is more intimidating than a messy design. Do not add too much text to your calendars to keep everything streamlined and to prevent your message and branding from being watered down.

Pay attention to printing services

Choose the right paper type and finish. We recommend that you choose them based on what best suits your design. If you want sharp and bright images, a glossy finish will work best. You can use the matte finish if you prefer a more natural-looking, non-reflective finish to your prints.

Personalizing calendars to your customers is a way to show your gratitude for their loyalty and continued trust they have in your business. Touch new leads by submitting your personal calendars as a year-end gift or giveaway.

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