Nature, sports and culture in Austria starting again

L ‘Austria it is already gone. The “litmus test” took place during Holy weeka period in which there has been a great recovery in tourism, also of Italians who thirst to travel, and many young people.

To confirm it Oskar HintereggerDirector of Italy of Austria tourismwhich on a wonderful Roman spring morning hosted journalists to celebrate the new beginning of tourism, and in particular of course that against Austria, a country that could have been punished with almost a month’s lockdown in December, and which instead, after all, it has held better than expected during the winter and continues to see the arrival of travelers.

“Austria is a country that offers countless travel opportunities. From cultural to sports, from thermal relaxation to full immersion in nature. And this is a stimulus in all seasons, not just in summer and winter – said Hinteregger – We can certainly talk about a strong recovery, and that is good, because it shows that even in these very turbulent times we can think anew that travel and we want to do it decisively. In terms of Italian tourism in Austria then a recent survey of a sample of thousands of Italians makes us optimistic that Austria is definitely an ideal destination for summer holidays ».

“There are three reasons why Austria is a particularly attractive destination for Italians, especially this year – he continued – First of all, it inspires and enriches culture more than ever in these times. After two years of very limited access to cultural events, we have need it.Of course Klimt exhibition which was recently closed in Rome, and which is now in Piacenza, has inspired many Romans, but the culture is more than a few famous paintings, and we also find much more. The second reason is that proximity tourism it is in high demand and accessible to all: an average of six hours by car, two hours by plane. Also, if you are not looking for the sea for your holiday, then run fast to Austria. It is no coincidence that we are the first destination chosen by the Italians among those without the sea. The third reason is finally that despite the turbulent times, it is very important to feel a little light. At least on vacation. This can be done in places where there are many different offers, and where the service is written in capital letters, and where the tourist offer is very well organized and the prices are still good.

Among the representatives of the states at the press launch were Petra CosentinoofAlpbachtal Tourism: «In our area you can dive into ancient Tyrol without sacrificing the modalities of our time. And the locality that best represents the Alpbachtal is the alpine village of Alpbach, which has been nominated for the most beautiful village in Austria thanks to the architectural rules that oblige to preserve the old characteristics even in new buildings. In addition, we are characterized by the large number of farms, about five hundred, which supply zero kilometers of products to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, which guarantees a high quality level in cheeses, spiced meats and even in craft beers. Of course we also have lakes and beautiful mountains with wonderful 360-degree panoramas, but what makes us unique is definitely the authenticity and the architecture, which is very well maintained.

Elke Maidic she is the marketing and public relations manager for Carinthia: «The advantage of our area for Italian tourism is that Carinthia is very close to Italy, it is almost easier to get here by train, as our nearest airports are Ljubljana, Venice or Trieste. The night train takes you from southern Italy to southern Austria in eight hours while you sleep comfortably in the sun lounger. Carinthia is the geographical meeting place of three cultures, with completely different languages ​​from each other. We Carinthians are very much influenced by Italy and also by Slovenia. We are happy and open like the Italians, sad and melancholy like the Slovenes and just like the Germans.

“Arriving in Carinthia,” he concluded, “means arriving in a world very close to Italy, albeit in a completely different way.” Our strong point is the lakes and mountains. Our lakes have an important plus: they have temperatures up to 28 degrees, which allows them to swim. And each lake in Carinthia has its own mountain. A day dedicated to nature in Carinthia it is perfect: you buy the map which for about 50 euros gives the opportunity to take advantage of over 100 tourist attractions in a week, with the map you can e.g. take the cable car, with which you can reach great heights for a beautiful walk. So, when you return to the valley, you lie down under the trees by the lake and bathe in the lake with drinking water at a temperature of 28 degrees. The perfect day can only end with a slow food dinner, a theme dear to Carinthia, which was actually nominated by Slow Food International as a first destination around the world, Slow Food travel destination. In some of the Carinthian valleys, special experiences related to food can be booked, such as walking on the farm, picking corn, grinding it and cooking polenta in the evening ».

Shortly said, adventure tourism depending on taste, but also much more in this Austria, which already predicts excellent results for the summer season 2022, but which also offers several attractions for the “off season”.

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