Medianos, the community born to create a culture of communication, even by playing

medianos lecco

There are over 300 professionals who are part of the Community, born in March 2020

Massimiliano Ferrari, accountant and broker’s intuition: “We resolve conflicts in an alternative way”

LECCO – A community of professionals united by a single goal: change the approach to resolving issues and conflicts from the client. Medianos was born in March 2020 based on an intuition of Massimiliano Ferrari, accountant with office in the city and broker at the chambers of commerce of Lecco Sondrio and Como and also teaches Mediation at private organizations. “The idea behind our community – he explains – is to resolve conflicts in an alternative way. We started in the roughest months of the health crisis, so the initial activity was mainly carried out externally: we held some meetings, many professionals contacted us interested. Today is Medianos is a large community of over 300 professionals who have decided to follow our manifesto and try to bring a new culture to conflict management ”.

medianos lecco
In the center Massimiliano Ferrari, accountant and creator of the Medianos community

The ADR method

The method used by Medianos is that ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution): “There are a number of dispute resolution techniques – Massimiliano explained – alternatives to the ordinary legal procedure and aims to resolve disputes.of the conflict.Adr methods are generally characterized by the presence of an impartial third party whose task is to bring the needs and interests of the parties to the conflict through responsible communication, active listening and negotiation logic that allows for leadership after opportunities and not just opportunities in conflicts … threats that can also lead to the achievement of an agreement, not immediately or lowered from above, but desired and built by the parties present at the table.


Among the professionals who are part of the Medianos community – who are specifically concerned only with communicating and promoting the culture of mediation – one can then find figures who can offer advice and services based on ADR techniques in areas other than their own preparation and competence: “We have decided to let those who participate in the community know everything that is possible to do and achieve through seminars involving environmental, criminal and even school mediation – Ferrari explained – we organize events in person and also online. Anyone interested in this new way of dealing with conflict can contact us, discover our mission and help us carry it forward.What we want is for more and more people to understand the importance of mediation, especially among laymen. “

The Medianos board game: learn to fight by playing

With the precise aim of creating a culture of mediation and alternative conflict resolution, the Medianos community also decided to build and promote a boxing game, ‘Medianos-The Board Game’: “It is a game designed to learn to fight well. – said Ferrari – the idea was the result of a personal intuition that was immediately shared with lawyer Zaira Pagliara, who immediately appreciated it and helped me make it happen.All those present in the local community then did their best in dissemination- We offer it to young people, also very young, but also to the not so young: during the game you practice fighting well and dealing with conflicts in an alternative way, developing different skills, including putting yourself in it. the place of others and understand the dynamics of disputes., the importance of empathy and active dialogue.We are very happy with the success of the game and the community, we have also brought Medianos to schools – not only in our area but throughout I talien – and we organize online game simulations under the name ‘Ciak si play’ to get everyone to go as much as possible into what the rules of the game are “.

The contacts

For information write an email whatsapp 339 27 64 804. “Becoming a member of the community does not incur costs and gives everyone the opportunity to stay informed about the activities performed and promoted from time to time. for conveying management conflicts in ADR mode ”concluded Ferrari.

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