Lecce, five construction sites ready for public housing for DKK 15 million

«With the rebuilding and improvement of the assets in Syd Ark we must handle no less than 200 million construction workers. Important resources to restore dignity to social housing ». The daily manager of Arca sud follows the picture of the works with a view to rebuilding and improving public housing. Salento, Sandra Zappatore, who yesterday spoke at the conference for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the unions on the subject of legality and tendering in public housing. Construction sites started from Lecce cities, which may concern all Salento municipalities.

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the news

“Within 15 or 20 days – explained Zappatore – we will have the first delivery of the construction site in the 167 / B area of ​​Lecce, followed by” Case Magno “in the district San Pio of the city. Within a month and a half, another 5 construction sites will be open for 15 million euros. In addition, there are already ongoing interventions with the system of tax deductions and tax breaks, including mixed ownership. The announcement of the public-private partnership concerns all Arcasud’s properties both in Lecce and in the provincial municipalities ».

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The protocol

In the meantime, yesterday, representatives of Arca Sud, Cgil, Uil, Cisl and the tenants’ union has signed a special memorandum of understanding to ensure legality and transparency for new construction and renovations, thus preventing mafia infiltration phenomena in the healthy structure of the economy. “The aim of the protocol – added Zappatore – is to restore and prevent the maintenance of the conditions of legality in the popular neighborhoods, both from a point of view of citizens’ viability and for the ways in which Arca sud will outsource works, lead the work and also verify the execution of Subcontracting and the safety of workers on construction sites, which will also arise thanks to the complex system of financingcredit transfers and tax deductions with public and private partnerships ”.

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Arca Sud Salento will also undertake to adopt as a selective criterion for the award of purchase the most economically advantageous offer, instead of the lowest price. And in this context, which will see the introduction of additional funding from the National Innovative Quality of Life Program (PinQua) in the course of the work, the respect for contracts and rules that the trade unionists who signed the pact are hoping for. . “A model for export – commented the Secretaries-General of CGIL Lecce, Valentina Fragassi, CISL Lecce, Ada Chirizzi and UIL Lecce,” Salvatore Giannetto – builds on the principles of legality, transparency, security and job protection that we will propose to other major contracting authorities. These principles inspire an agreement that aims to protect jobs, combat forms of exploitation and unfair competition in a delicate period due to the availability of resources that will also reach the area of ​​public housing redevelopment ”.

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Trade unions: “sustainable development”

Trade union position elaborated by Fragassi. “With this agreement, which intends to combine sustainable development with the protection of good employment, we leave no one, especially the weakest: tenants and subcontractors. The protocol is a good practice, started with the largest construction station for public housing in the area, and – emphasizes the Secretary General CGIL Lecce – also applies the work done with the prefecture regarding. health in the workplace and takes a step forward because it looks at the quality of work also in subcontracting, defines a reward system for companies that apply the agreement and respect the rules ».

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