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For many students, especially those with a shaky school performance, the “cold sweat” of May is approaching: Time is running out, and on the horizon, the final ballots are beginning to appear, no longer so far away. A real showdown, especially of a financial nature, for families. In fact, in these cases, it is often more an obligation than a choice to resort to private repetitions. Made even more inevitable by the gaps created by two and a half years of uninterrupted teaching due to the pandemic: This year in high school, 1 in 4 students went on repetitions. Furthermore, a growing demand corresponds to an always broad and evenly digitized offer, which makes it possible for 1 in 7 families to find professionals for private tuition online.

However, not all platforms dedicated to satisfying this need are the same: you need to know how to choose well and above all do so by knowing what makes them truly effective for your needs. Rosella Sidari, didactic consultant for |, the Italian reference marketplace for online and face-to-face repetitions, provides some useful coordinates to better orient you and stay satisfied: from the duration of the “ideal” lesson to the choice of tutor, up to the details of pay attention to understand if the price of the lesson is really advantageous.

One hour lesson: 50 or 60 minutes?

“It is important to know the duration of the lessons”says educational consultant. “Often, students are actually unaware of the choice on some platforms to have a repeat lesson lasting only 50 minutes. This time is generally insufficient to provide a good lesson, even for the youngest children, in elementary and middle schools. and college students, on the other hand, the 50-minute hours are completely unsatisfactory. “.

30-60-90: it takes the right time to learn

The perfect duration of a repetition session for this to be actually useful is much longer, practically almost double the minutes: “We recommend that you do at least an hour and a half of actual lesson minutes, the minimum required to function well: the first half hour is for student explanation, the remaining hour is developed through exercises and comparison between tutors and students.”

Beware of deadlines

Often, online tutoring services impose a certain “time” within which one can benefit from the purchased lesson. This is an important factor that the educational consultant advises not to underestimate when approaching a platform. Otherwise, you risk spending money without getting the reps you want. Fortunately, not all services include this “clause”: with respect to |, e.g. “We do not have a deadline to complete a lesson, on the contrary, it is very important to us that the student can use the hours he has available when he really needs it. If a student does not use the lessons for a week, he can use them whenever he wants, without being afraid of pushing deadlines. Pay attention to the subscription prices: you risk paying a seemingly inviting monthly fee, but then lose the lessons you do not enjoy or are unable to cancel before the contractual deadline, thus buying more than necessary “.

Teachers are not all the same: for each his own

When you decide to “run in cover” and find a tutor for private tutoring, perhaps at the end of the school year, choose the right teacher for your needs, without “settling for”. But without falling into clichés: there are graduate tutors who for years have specialized in restoring certain specific school subjects or in supporting certain age groups, so perhaps on some needs they can allow to achieve better results than a graduate or a long-term time lecturer, who, however, has less experience with certain types of gaps.

For this, it is important to know, Sidari emphasizes “Life, death and miracles for each tutor in private tutoring to define the one that best suits each specific need. In this sense, technology and algorithms, along with the availability of a database based on hundreds of thousands of hours of lessons, allow dedicated online platforms to calculate tutor-student affiliations with an unknown reliability compared to classic channels such as word of mouth “.

In any case, it is very important that those who offer the teaching are really motivated and prepared, and this only happens if the chosen service selects certified teachers with real skills in their teaching subjects, based on the curriculum vitae of the supervisor and the subjects. and the level of study it is proposed for. This care in the selection of teachers actually provides the opportunity to propose thousands of very different profiles, which change according to the title (from graduates, for first-class schools, to doctoral degrees and academic professors for those who go to university).

Repetitions online or in person? Better to have the double choice

Once the appropriate service and supervisor has been selected, it is possible to determine the modality through which the private lessons are to be carried out. Online platforms can actually provide the opportunity to conduct lessons in person, but this is not the only option: “digital”, after the pandemic, has proven to be a valid alternative also in terms of teaching. “With the decline in the number of Covid cases, we receive more requests for face-to-face training – says the didactic consultant – but those who turn to online platforms to find a mentor also tend to prefer the same channel to perform the repetitions. In the last two years, students have understood that there is another way to teach and that it is also possible to learn in other ways, while remaining true to the principles of efficiency and effectiveness. Online lessons in particular have innumerable benefits: physical distance, which eliminates the risk of infection; to reach out to students who live in areas far from the selected tutors and the opportunity for tutors to work remotely, even if they live in small realities. It is true that face-to-face lessons are important, but it is also true that online lessons are often held as if they were face-to-face, so the difference is now imperceptible. Moreover, unlike the danger of school, even at a distance, the one-to-one relationship that is fundamental in the process of personal recovery of gaps remains..

You should always be able to go back

Not all online repeat platforms guarantee the “satisfaction or money back” formula. But there is no joke with training, especially close to important dates, such as graduation or graduation. Therefore, it is always better to rely on realities that allow not to get stuck in unpleasant situations. “Precisely because private tutoring is based on a one-on-one relationship, some students may not get along well with the teacher. Although, for example, in our case, our supervisors are carefully selected by specialized educational consultants. Therefore, we offer the option of 100% refund after the first lesson if the student’s expectations have not been fully met. Therefore, in these specific cases, the applicant can take advantage of the possibility of a 100% refund of the first lesson or get a replacement for the tutor, thanks to the wide range offered by the service. Unfortunately, this is an unusual practice in this sector, with all the disadvantages of the case. “.

The importance of counseling

Many of the online platforms that specialize in private tutoring allow the user to “self-service”, ie to choose a tutor independently on the basis of a feedback and review system or by the price. It is certainly a valid alternative, but in the most critical cases, the role of a very widespread figure abroad is crucial: the didactic consultant. As only some platforms make available. Therefore, Rosella Sidari emphasizes her role: to trust an expert who knows how to build the path that best suits the needs of the student in difficulty, as well as to understand which supervisor is best for a specific case and for each student asking for support can be crucial to achieving their goals. “The didactic consultant – He says – it is fundamental as far as education is concerned. It is actually a professional specialized in quickly understanding each individual student who will have different needs, needs and gaps. The figure of the didactic consultant is essential because he must create a match between the different souls and look for the most suitable supervisor for the particular student. He is a person with experience in the field, who knows the potential characteristics of a student, who identifies the supervisors among those with whom he collaborates on a daily basis, and with whom he knows he can achieve the goal “.

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