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On Saturday 7 May in Riva del Garda, the kitchen meets culture. The program of the conference of the Italian Cuisine Academy has been presented: star chefs Peter Brunel, Alfio Ghezzi and Andrea Irsara will deal with the mix of food, art, tradition and sustainability.

Garda Trentino, an area with an intense, genuine, high-quality gastronomic culture, never misses an opportunity to host events and initiatives that enhance this richness. On Saturday 7 May, Riva del Garda will host the conference entitled “Cuisine is culture. Between art, tradition and sustainability. Italian cuisine: an extraordinary laboratory for cultural biodiversity in harmonious diversity”, at the Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort.

The event program was presented today, Monday, May 2, at the suggestive location of the Bastione Lounge & Restaurant. “Today we are guests in one of our business cards that overlooks the city of Riva del Garda. ‘Kitchen is culture’ is a conference that we are very attached to for several reasons, primarily because it touches on important topics such as cuisine and territory, addressed by chefs and experts recognized nationally and internationally. We strongly believe in this event and we will be with the delegation from Rovereto and Garda Trentino also on Saturday 7 May ”- explained the president of Garda Dolomiti SpA Silvio Rigatti.

The conference, organized by the Rovereto and Garda Trentino delegation from the Italian Academy of Cuisine, arises from the opportunity to explore important topics of general interest explored by chefs and experts in the food and wine sector.

The speakers involved will in fact be Peter Brunel – chef at the homonymous restaurant in Linfano (1 Michelin star) – who will analyze the tradition of the cuisine and its development. Alfio Ghezzi – chef at the restaurant “Senso” in Rovereto (1 Michelin star) – will deal with the relationship between beauty and goodness, it is the idea of ​​art in the realization of the dish and therefore the semiotics of taste. Andrea Irsara – chef at the restaurant at Hotel Gran Ander in Badia (BZ) – will instead explore the world of sustainability, especially the strong link between sustainable cuisine and culture.

Important contributions will also be made by Prof. Massimo Montanari, full professor of food history at the University of Bologna, who will address the issue of cultural biodiversity in Italian cuisine as a result of heterogeneous cultures mixed ethnically through the centuries, and by food journalists Leila Salimbeni (food writer of the year for Identità Golose 2021 restaurant guide) and Morello Pecchioli (director of and winner of the Ischia award for food and wine storytelling in 2016).

“‘Kitchen is culture’ is a statement that emphasizes how much cooking is an engine that brings value to the world. Our country is fortunate to have a completely unique cuisine of its kind, thanks to the people who have beaten down on our territory through the centuries and its uniqueness must be valued and communicated.Therefore, the topics covered by the conference, which will be addressed by chefs and experts in the sector, will touch on topics of general interest, from tradition to the relationship between beauty and the good, up to sustainability “- explained the coordinator of the scientific committee of the conference Vittorio Rasera.

The conference will also be open to the public – subject to availability – and will be held from 14.30 at Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort in Riva del Garda, with free admission, after reservation via email (

“The conference, which was organized to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the founding of our delegation, was born out of the opportunity to explore important issues related to national cuisine. In recognition of its cultural and historical value, we are proud that the magazine ‘La Cucina Italiana ‘has promoted the candidacy to Unesco of’ Italian home cooking between rituals and social practices’ as an intangible legacy of humanity “, concluded the national consultant for the Italian Academy of Cuisine and delegate in Rovereto and Garda Trentino Germano Berteotti.


Photo by: Dennis Pasini

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