Investigation book with excuses for acquitting violent men

It is deeply sad to admit that the pandemic and the war have made the violence against women in our country look away. The media tells the crime news, therefore also the murders of women or cases of domestic violence and sexual violence in a hurry. A rush that has not been seen in decades. By updating a bulletin that no longer seems to surprise anyone. The same violence as female victims of the war in Ukraine is being told and perceived by the public as something inevitable. War rape? It is, of course, war.

In short, people continue to die within the walls of their homes, beaten, subjugated and eventually killed by their peers and ex. as women and no one is scandalized anymore. Harassment continues in the workplace, But there is war, what do you want a pat on the ass to be? A total dependence on violence that greatly worries the operators of the sector, who have been working for decades to eradicate this social scourge. The worst of the worst happened. When we lose the ability to be surprised or scandalized, it means we have learned to live with that phenomenon. But to accept violence means to succumb to oneself.

For this reason, the latest investigation book is off Ilaria Bonuccelli “Very violent. The excuses for the violent to release” (Well from Mycenae Publisher). The stories of violence are not told. But the author does something completely new: She tells us how Italy, its own institutions and its backward mentality manage to make all laws against violence passed in recent years practically useless. A lot of theory, but no concrete ability to properly defend the victims. In this way, we encounter cases that seem cross-border, but are unfortunately frequent. Children killed by fathers who did not accept the end of the relationship with their mother. Killed in “protected” meetings. Girls murdered after 11 complaints against ex-boyfriend. A weak state that even goes so far as to suggest: “Let his brother break his bones”. With all the patriarchy that this “proposal” brings with it. Still a woman who receives death threats from her ex-husband, but the absurd thing is that this man is in jail but still manages to send letters that overcome the ban of the judiciary.

At the library we meet a cover with one Mona Lisa with a bruised eye. His enigmatic gaze becomes perfect for communicating “affective” situations that become unmanageable and incomprehensible. By logic and therefore difficult to elaborate on by the victim, but also by society as a whole, which is unable to accept (and then change) a patriarchal culture that is the root of this violence on our body and mind. In this way, monsters continue to be defined as violent men, that is, others than us, unfortunate and predictable cases and not creatures perfectly integrated into society and impossible to decipher in the beginning precisely because. “normal men”. But certain sentences also appear enigmatic to the author. In fact, it tells the story of a flight attendant who was harassed during a union meeting. Those who have laid their hands everywhere are acquitted because the victim took too long to respond to the advance: twenty / thirty seconds.

The cover therefore becomes the first step, the first message that Bonucelli uses to communicate with readers through the illustrator’s pop and ironic art Giulia Maglionico. The artist chooses purple as background, purple as the affected eye that questions us and that encourages us to respond. Little as sorrow. The color of the drama.

This book is published after 28 months of using the red code. The legislation to combat gender-based violence, which came into force in August 2019, which aimed to prioritize reports of violence within a paralyzed legal system. In these two and a half years, 658 anti-stalker bracelets have been activated. A very low number compared to the huge amount of complaints. The reason is simple. The rule came into force without financial allocation. We recall that the number of complaints of stalking and ill-treatment in 2020 and 2021 was almost 40,000.

By the same author, I recommend another important and well-executed book. Also in “To kill you better”, the journalist explored the issue of institutions’ involvement in gender-based violence. He told us with practical examples where the deaf state is facing a request for help. This survey book was published at the same time as the approval of the Red Code and told about the violence through the voice of the women who suffered it and were not listened to. Reading them both allows us to understand how little has changed in practice.

Ilaria Bonuccelli he is head of service for Il Tirreno and for the Salute insert in the same newspaper, for which he also held the post of correspondent. He is the rapporteur for Il Tirreno in the campaign against gender violence; she is an investigative journalist and specializes in press campaigns. He has won important awards: the Piero Passetti Chronicle of the Year Award for best journalistic study for the printed newspaper in Italy in 1996, Award given by the National Union of Italian Chroniclers, the Presidency of the Republic, the Senate Presidency, the Constitutional Court, Forze dell ‘ Order, Fnsi. In 2017, he won the Giustolisi Award, a plaque from the Senate, for the sharp work done in the campaign that led to the approval of the law against wild telemarketing.

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