“Houses have eyes”, Filippo De Masi’s storytelling talent becomes a mystery to read

Published: Monday, May 2, 2022 – the newsroom

ROCCA PRIORA (current affairs) – The instructor and author resides in Rocca Priora in a quality test


“The world, since I existed, but probably always, is just a phase where millions of dolls have alternated, who have always had the arrogance to believe in everything while representing little more than nothing. Yes, they give life to dramas that are often interesting, but that last as long as the short existence of each of them, therefore for a moment, they represent a grain, at least in comparison to the infinity of time. Thanks to the experience gained, I understood that love is the engine that pushes the story of life forward for millennia. Alas, men no longer fall in love. Sex alone does not lead to eternity, except by accident. Men know this like any other creature living here, in the round oasis of the solar system, in a remote corner of the cosmos, in the middle of an infinite darkness, mostly silent ”. It’s an intense and profound passage by Filippo De Masi, TV director and author, who once again ventured out into a level test. His latest release as a writer, ‘The Houses Have Eyes’, is a detective story – it is said in the synopsis – observed from the walls of an old farmhouse, where dozens of lives and hundreds of stories have passed. How many times have we said to ourselves “if the walls of this house could speak …”? This story is told by the being without face and soul who knows how to value his past and what happens inside it. “But inside this novel there is something more. There is a personal and cultural journey of high credibility.

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In the plot, two young lovers go for a weekend in Villa del Querceto, an old farmhouse located in Valdarno on the outskirts of a town populated by few souls. She is expecting a baby and her partner seems to want to postpone what she decides on, respect the choice, whatever it is. But their story quickly takes an unexpected turn. The girl disappears after a walk in the woods, and all indications are that the landlord is guilty of a horrible crime, one of the many that the chroniclers suggest to us every day. The villa is the only witness to what happened and the protagonist’s lies only confirm his guilt. But did everything really go as it seems? And if not, why is the boy building a castle of lies destined to backfire on him? The villa can only see what is happening within its perimeter, maybe outside there is an answer to everything…. The reader is immersed in a whirlwind of twists with an ending beyond all expectation.

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A story worthy of a film plot that also brings us back to the detective story and thriller that many top directors faced in the seventies of the last century. And it is no coincidence that this is the case.

Filippo De Masi was actually born in Rome in June 1967 into a family where there was slow motion in the hall by his mother, director of dubbing, and the studio of his father, Francesco De Masi, one of the great writers of music from movies from the golden age of Italian film. As an eight-year-old, I started working as a voice actress and went against the will of my mother, who did not want me to live her own life “buried in a dark room all day”. However, his father had promised one of his director friends that he would take him to auditions to voice the children, the main characters in a movie for which he wrote the music. He won the role of one of the main characters.

“For years I have lent my voice to children in flesh and blood – he says – and to dozens of cartoons. After high school, however, I decided to try to follow my true passion, that of animals, so I enrolled in veterinary medicine. and studied for three years in Perugia, without reaching the degree I returned to Rome defeated.I had not come to terms with the sacrifices, such a complicated profession as the vet demands.After a few weeks, after my second great love, the cinema , I was already on the set of “Fantozzi to the rescue” as an assistant director with Neri Parenti. From that moment on, my professional life began to take off, slowly but surely. I was an assistant director for a few films, I worked in the theater, I participated professional courses and in 1992 I signed my first contract with Rai ”.

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In 2003, he directed about thirty documentaries for “All Fall del Kilimanjaro”, and in 2005 he arrived at Rai Due, where he joined Roberto Giacobbo for Voyager. Then it was the trip to ‘Sereno Variabile’, Niagara, Countries that go, Bellissima Italia, Primo Set, Il Provinciale. In order not to miss anything, he has written four books in all these years, collaborating with De Gemini’s Beat Records, where he gave birth to the notes for dozens of soundtrack CDs signed by his father, has edited five editions of an event with film music, which he has always dedicated to the memory of Francesco De Masi, who died in 2005, and has directed an independent horror film entitled TH3 PIT. He is a friend of Castelli Romani, the area where he lives (in Rocca Priora).

In his fluid writing, the river of artistic experiences and loves that formed and passionated him. A plot that will delight the reader. A work that is a result of quality and talent, which are more and more rare values ​​these days.

(Pictured: Filippo de Masi on the right with the great master Claudio Simonetti)

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