Home Staging, ‘tricks’ to sell or rent a house faster

L ‘Home Staging is one of the most popular techniques for selling or renting a property. Born in America in the 1980s, it is conquering more and more marketers because it has the benefit of improving properties and making sales or rentals fast.

The term literally means “stage the house“Because each room must be used in the best possible way to involve the potential buyer and make him imagine living and wanting to live in that house.

This technique is thus based on the study of the goal of approaching and therefore creating an installation that is able to arouse the interest of those looking for a home. To be successful, this type of activity must be performed in sync with the real estate agent’s owner and managers, as the purpose is to be able to sell or rent the property after the first visit.

To get an effective result, there are some rules that need to be followed

The Rules of Home Staging

Very often, before making an appointment, you are looking for a house on the internet so pictures play a fundamental role. To attract interest, the apartment must have some very specific characteristics.

Remove excess

That cleans up it is gradually becoming a more and more used trend when you need to renovate your home or do spring cleaning, and also when it comes to Home Staging it is an approach that should not be underestimated. Declutter means reducing and eliminating, and when a house is to be offered for sale or rent, removing damaged furniture, personal belongings or items that are not in line with the house is the first step to take.

Memories or trinkets, if placed in plain sight, do not make the buyer imagine his life inside the house because the owner’s past is troublesome.

Continue with maintenance

When buying a home, buyers want to have one place ready to be inhabited, therefore, “minor” errors such as a broken shutter or a defective handle must be corrected, otherwise there is a risk of sending an incorrect message. Buyer might think that the house in addition to these deficiencies is hiding on far more serious issues.

Once you have solved the small problems, you must refresh the environment paint the walls. In addition to providing a sense of cleanliness, they will facilitate the lighting of the apartment to highlight every corner, even the less illuminated.

Give the house a new look

After whitewashing and removing the old patina on the walls, another way to improve the apartment is to renovate, remove too large or old furniture that may make the room seem smaller. In some cases, it is sufficient simply to review the decor of the furniture, which can give a sense of spaciousness, if placed in the right way.

A different Home Staging depending on the house

The goal of Home Staging is to be able to sell or rent a house at the best price and in a short time, this applies to any type of apartment, but to make it functional you need to act differently depending on the situation:

  • New house: it must be filled in to give character to the individual rooms, therefore it is necessary to arrange the setup. It is not necessary to buy furniture, but just rent cardboard fabrics and furniture: in addition to being cheap, they are easy to transport and extremely efficient.
  • Uninhabited house: old or uninhabited houses retain old furniture, so in order to present the best possible it is necessary to remove the damaged or too personal and create a substantial piece of furniture without hiding the shortcomings, but to improve the benefits
  • Inhabited house: the apartment must be decorated for visiting days or to do a photoshoot, so the environment must always be clean and neat. Also in this case, the principle of decluttering applies, so that only the objects that do not make the apartment personal are stored

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