Hem X, the new limited edition designer brand

“Imaginative designs of obsessive quality”: this is the motto of Hem, a brand that is always at the forefront in terms of shapes, colors, textures and in the selection of the names of the designers with whom it collaborates, constantly looking for fresh ideas that disrupt the canons of modern furniture in industrial production. Now, the same disruptive attitudes, Hem brings them into the parallel world of limited edition design by launching Home Xthe “creative greenhouse” where one can cultivate the sharpest minds, the most promising craftsmen and the most daring objects.

With Hem X – which officially exists from March 23 in a worldwide version thanks to the very blue part of the page – Hem will work directly with selected curators, artists and designers from around the world in limited editions of less than a hundred pieces of jewelry.

stitch x electric socket from jonatan nillsson

Power Socket by Jonatan Nillsson

courtesy Hem X

Leading the way to this new adventure is the founder and CEO of Hem Petrus Palmér, motivated by curiosity and inspired by the collaborations and discoveries activated with the most ingenious designers he has collaborated with over the years – Sabine Marcelis, Max Lamb, Faye Toogood, Luca Nichetto, Philippe Malouin, just to name a few – who therefore wanted to create a platform that gives the brand a freer form of design research, as opposed to the traditional industrial product development process where production and supply chain can be binding. . “There is a strong desire for authentic and tactile, perhaps in contrast to the screens we have in front of us every day! We like to think of mass production and crafts as complementary, and we love the idea of ​​having both ways under Hem’s umbrella, “Palmér explained.

hem x monument of ramsus nossbring

Monument by Ramsus Nossbring

courtesy Hem X

To heal first two introductory collections of Hem X I am Review of modern design – The London magazine that Hem has been successful with since 2019 on the same theme – e Arrange thingsSwedish interior design collective.

The first alternates with a colorful set of wall hangers by Martino Gamper, forming an abacus of shapes, the plates by Fabien Cappello are inspired by the energy of the streets of Guadalajara, the series of Powder vase by Jenny Nordberg – the powder coating which is usually only done with metal -, the “cheat” version of the playing card house signed by Bertjan Pot and Superscene collection by Supergroup, a series of ceramic sculptures available as a flower in different colors or as a small set consisting of the same flower, accompanied by a cloud and the rainbow.

hem x form of lisa travels

Form of Lisa Reiser

Martin Brusewitz

In the other, however, there is a 35-piece version of the silver pedestal Power Socket by Jonatan Nilsson – made of polystyrene covered with resin and mirrored acrylic sheets to put density and porosity together and achieve an effect thick pearlescent -, the glittering pink glass sculptures Moldby Lisa Travels and Sculptures Monument by Ramsus Nossbring, available in three color variants and always made of glass, but this time achieves a full and opaque pastel color effect, which makes them look like metaphysical marshmallows with a deceptively heavy air.

“We threw ourselves into the possibility of working on Hem X because we knew it would be both fun and an indispensable opportunity to collaborate with some of our favorite designers on an exclusive series of objects. In the maker selection, we went looking for sweet people with strong skills, who think in a fascinating way, driven by curiosity and attention to detail, and who were a little strange. ”- say Lisa Milberg and Leo Forssell, co-founders of Arranging Things.

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