Goglio revolutionizes flexible packaging with the launch of the new GStar

Goglio, one of the world’s leading players in flexible packaging, is revolutionizing the world of food packaging by introducing GStar, the first machine for both vacuum and soft packaging capable of producing up to 200 packages per minute, double speed compared to the most powerful machines on the market at the moment. GStar, which will be on display from tomorrow at the Goglio booth at IPACK-IMA (Hall 7, Booth A10-B13)it was successfully tested for one year by Lavazzawho then chose to buy it.

The growing awareness of the issue of sustainability has led Goglio to develop one machine capable of offering maximum performance both in the production of traditional aluminum-based packaging and working with the new sustainable single-material laminates, which has a higher thermal sensitivity. GStar is the answer to these needs, but not only that, it sets new reference standards for the sector: guarantees maximum efficiency and speed in both the production of soft and vacuum packagingboth in the processing of laminates with aluminum and monomaterials, both in the packaging of coffee powder and beans, and it is suitable for the production of packages from 250 g up to 1 kg. The secret behind these performances lies in a shift of perspective: for the first time, Goglio has applied asynchronous long-line motor technology already used in the automotive industry to packaging, which allows you to modulate the speed of the machine according to the individual machining process. A real revolution compared to the previous synchronous technology with a fixed pitch chain, which moves the bag from one station to another, and binds the process to work phases that must be perfectly symmetrical. Until now, the less fast processing phases have really affected the entire production line: 4 filling stations had to correspond to 4 conditioning stations, 4 welding stations, 4 finishing stations and so on. In GStar, the packages are instead placed inside cells, which move independently from one treatment phase to another, reaching speeds that can reach 2.5 m / s and 2 g acceleration. This eliminates the constraint that forced the same number of packets to be processed in each station. A huge advantage in terms of speed, cost reduction and line footprint. Not only that, the speed of GStar can guarantee production levels for which two separate machines have been needed so far, it is therefore possible to prepare a single end of line, with additional savings in terms of space and costs.

The system behind GStar also guarantees an increase in line efficiency, because the bag, once placed in the cell, does not change its position. The machine also requires less maintenance of the mechanical parts, there are actually no chains, joints, joints, etc … and makes it possible to produce packaging with recyclable materials through safer processes than those used today on machines from only 70 pieces in the minute.

To ensure maximum efficiency, GStar can be connected to the Goglio MIND system, a cloud platform for real-time monitoring – 7 days a week and 24 hours a day – by the packing lines and factories. In addition to measuring normal parameters – such as speed, machine status and production data – telemetry has been implemented on GStar for the first timethrough which about 600 different parameters can be monitored thus keeping the entire machine under control. The system is even able to calculate changes in line efficiency after changing the product recipe.

GStar has already been successfully tested for a year at the Lavazza production plant in Settimo Torinese (TO) with excellent results. At the end of the trial period, Lavazza chose to buy the GStar in 160 pcs per minute version for vacuum packing of coffee beans, a speed more than double that of the best machines on the market, which for this type of product reach up to 70 packages per minute.


Goglio SpA, which employs around 1,800 people globally and has a production value of 350 million euros, is one of the world’s leading players in flexible packaging. Founded in 1850, the group designs, develops and manufactures complete packaging systems by providing flexible laminates, valves, machinery and services for every packaging need in many industrial sectors: coffee, food, chemicals, cosmetics, cleaning products, beverages and pet food. . The group, which has a global reach, is present with production facilities in Italy, the Netherlands, the USA and China and sales offices in various European countries, South America and Southeast Asia.

Further information is available on the website www.goglio.it

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