Freestanding bathtub, design in the middle of the room

With a strong aesthetic impact free-standing tubit is free standingneed a large bathroom, although there are compact models that are suitable for smaller spaces.

Install freestanding bathtub separated from the wall they exist in another form (oval, rectangular, even asymmetrical …) e in both modern and classic style or vintage. That Colour more common is whitebut there is no shortage of modelscolorful exteriorwhich goes well with white sinks and sanitary ware.

The free-standing bathtubs are made of various materials, in addition to ceramics, such as acrylic and solid surfaces. These are resistant, scratch-resistant and antibacterial materials, very hygienic that do not yellow over time and very comfortable to the touch, whose formability makes it possible to realize different shapes even with rounded corners.

Standard sizes are typically 170 cm by 80-75 cm. To allow the pipes to pass through the center of the room without having to redo the floor, a platform can be created on which the tub rests.

Freestanding tubs with elliptical shape

With rounded and soft lines, freestanding bathtubs are mostly suggested in shape elliptical, i.e. oval. Spacious and comfortable, even visually they present themselves harmonious and elegant. For the convenience of having what you need at hand, they can be placed next to them tables or stools or, if there are wings in the middle of the room or near walls, they can also be foreseen small shelves. Some models, on the other hand, are equipped with edge that also acts as a support surface.

Freestanding bathtub Lady by Cerasa in acrylic

Lady of Cerasa

The freestanding bathtub Lady by Cerasa is in acrylic in a glossy or matt white finish. Of elliptical shape, is equipped with an elegant canaletto walnut shelf for storing soaps and perfumes. Price, excl. VAT, in dimensions L 170 x D 75 cm and in glossy white finish, 2,562 euros.

freestanding bathtub Nubes from GSI in acrylic

Nubes of GSI

It shows up with smooth lines And the bay the freestanding bathtub from the Nubes collection from GSI made of acrylic. Dimensions L 185 x D 90 cm. Price, excluding VAT and in glossy white, 3,200 euros.

Move freestanding bathtub by Hafro by Gruppo Geromin

Features of Hafro from Gruppo Geromin

In the oval or rectangular shape, the freestanding bathtub Move from Hafro by Gruppo Geromin is made and Tecnotek. In the picture in the size W 170 x D 70 cm in Dove Gray Bicolor finish. Price on request.

Iconik-03 oval freestanding bathtub from Kinedo

Iconik-03 by Kinedo

Kinedos Iconik-03 oval freestanding bathtub presents itself like a genuine sculpture. The click-clad drain, with safety system, is activated when the water level in the tank reaches the maximum limit, thus avoiding water leaks. Dimensions L 159 x D 72 cm. Price 2,100 euros.

Roman freestanding bathtub from Arbi Arredobagno

Novel by Arbi Arredobagno

The Roman freestanding bathtub by Arbi Arredobagno is in White Tekno Deimos. Elliptical in shape, that is equipped with an elegant shelf in canaletto walnut, on which one can store soaps and perfumes. Dimensions L 170 x D 75 cm. Price 4,197 euros.

freestanding bath Dafne from Cielo in LivingTec

Daphne of Heaven

Dafne by Cielo is a free-standing bathtub and LivingTec in the picture at the Arenaria end. Compact and functional, it has rounded shapes and is ideal for small spaces. Dimensions L 130 x W 80 x H 55 cm. Price on request.

Revolution freestanding bathtub from SDR

Revolution® from SDR

Offers one velvety feeling to touch the solid surface material of which the free-standing Revolution® bathtub from SDR with thin edges is made. Dimensions L 170 x D 80 cm. Price, in Avio color and exclusive VAT, € 6,050.

Logic Two freestanding bathtub from Iperceramica

LOGIC TWO from Iperceramica

IS in glossy white acrylic the freestanding bathtub LOGIC TWO from Iperceramica with overflow drain and adjustable inner feet included. Dimensions L 167.5 x D 78 cm. Price 1,839 euros.

Rectangular shape

Who loves square lines can choose from models of free-standing rectangular bathtubs.

Freestanding bathtub Tonic II from Atelier Collections Ideal Standard

Tonic II from Atelier Collections Ideal Standard

The freestanding Tonic II bathtub from Atelier Collections Ideal Standard is made made of acrylic and is equipped with waste column and frame. Dimensions L 180 x D 80 cm. Price, evening black and white finish and without VAT, 3,284 euros.

Aura freestanding bathtub from Scavolini

Aura of Scavolini

Aura freestanding bathtub from Scavolini and Mineralmarmo® it has a rectangular shape and an essential aesthetic. Dimensions L 169 x D 69 cm. Price on request.

Formia freestanding bathtub from Duscholux

Formia of Duscholux

The free-standing bath Formia from Duscholux with a rectangular shape is made and Bestone, a mineral material with a natural touch with an extra matte finish. Dimensions L 170 x D 75 cm. Price, excl. VAT, € 3,692.

Freestanding bathtub with a classic taste

Freestanding bathtubs find inspiration in the Victorian style “Old style” which usually have very decorative machined metal feet. Most of these models have a higher backrest so you can rest your head and back and relax better.

Retro freestanding bathtub from Kerasan

Retro by Kerasan

With a vintage design, Retro freestanding bathtub from Kerasan has a visible drain and lion paw feet. It is made of acrylic resin and brass and is also available in a total white color. It can have details in contrast to details in gold, bronze, white and chrome finish. Dimensions L 170 x D 77 cm. Price 2,700 euros.

freestanding bath Castellana di Scarabeo

Castellana di Scarabeo

IS in white ceramic Castellana freestanding bathtub from Scarabeo with classic shapes. Dimensions L 170 x D 80 cm. Price excl. VAT and with drain column and foot set included, 2,900 euros.

Freestanding bathtub with asymmetrical lines

The flexibility and formability of the materials that the freestanding bathtubs are made of make it possible models with asymmetrical shapes And originals, with strong visual impact.

Mini bathtub from Glass Design

Mini from Glass Design

Glass Design Mini bathtub is made and Bi-Mat, a fusion of fiberglass (80%) with VetroFreddo Light, which gives life to an ultralight and resistant material. It is available as an exterior finish in the colors White Gloss, Black Mat, Ferrari Red, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Gold Mat and Dark Inox Mat. Dimensions Ø 95 x H 50 / 41.5 cm. Price in the white finish and exclusive VAT, 3,812 euros.

freestanding outdoor bathtub Pescaredo from Victoria and Albert

Pescaredo of Victoria + Albert

The freestanding bathtub has a wavy edge that looks like a wave for the outdoors Pescaredo of Victoria + Albert. It is made of white Quarrycast ™ and has a double seat. Dimensions L 169.5 x D 79.8 cm. Price, excl. VAT, € 3,599.

Freestanding bathtub Sofa af Glas 1989

Glass sofa 1989

IS iconic the freestanding bathtub Sofa by Glass 1989 in glossy white HardLite with wooden structure. Dimensions L 187 x D 86/66 cm. Price, excl. VAT, 4,455 euros.

Seven freestanding bathtubs from Disenia in white M-Solid

Seven of Disenia

Seven free-standing bathtubs from Disenia in matt white M-Solid inside have enclosing shapes exterior in matte Comodoro green finish. Dimensions L 158 x D 77 cm. Price 2,406 € + 640 € for the color.

Freestanding bathtub photo gallery

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