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a widespread event, overlooking the sea. With 45 exhibitors.

Pescara – Appointment from 6 to 8 May in Pescara for the fifth edition of Ecomob, the first major event in the central south dedicated to eco-sustainable culture, conceived, organized and promoted by Ecolife Aps Three days, three areas of interest, including sustainable mobility, active tourism and environmental ecology, for a village located in the heart of the city, overlooking the sea, between the area of ​​Piazza della Rinascita and the free beach in front of the Nave di Cascella monument fountain. In the center, therefore, among the many activities dedicated to shopping and food. The event was presented this morning at a press conference in the Municipality.

45 exhibitors who chose Ecomob to promote their offerings and products, from muscle to electric bikes, including cargo bikes, scooters as well as electric cars and e-scooters. All vehicles can be tested in the dedicated area: for bicycles, the Pescara cycle path by the sea has been added.

Within the programming of Ecomob, there are also activities in collaboration with Fiab, including a road training course, bicycle marking and Bimbinbici pedaling, a national event to promote sustainable mobility and spread the use of bicycles among young and very young. Fiab is among the technical partners with, among others, Legambiente, which is present at the event with a space dedicated to sustainable mobility, energy and environmental education.

There is no shortage of MTB mini-hours and pump-track performances in collaboration with federal instructors. In addition, meet opportunities to discover the best cycling experiences in Italy and Europe. Creative recycling workshops and seminars dedicated to the proper disposal of waste are then organized under the banner of key themes such as respect for the environment and ecological transformation.

“We focus a lot on the interaction between visitors and exhibitors – comments Mimmo Giallorenzo and Gianluca Giallorenzo from Ecolife – in addition to the fair, beyond the simple exhibition: a container with eco-sustainable culture with the aim of educating, raising awareness and promoting solutions. All also thanks to the municipal administration, which supports the event in the creation of a real village dedicated to sustainable culture. ” Architect Sonia Mazzocchetti, Ecolife Logistics and Security Manager, attended the conference.

“We think we should aim for quality of life and environmental sustainability. We aim for a sustainable city, we do it too thanks to this event that arrives in the heart of the city – comments Carlo Masci, Mayor of Pescara – as an administration we carry out activities. and builds infrastructures with this in mind. The sector ranking sees us constantly climb up the positions, we are going in the right direction “.

“Ecomob is a fantastic showcase that this year is taking a bold leap by arriving in the heart of the city. An event in line with the results communicated by the National Observatory under the Ministry of Infrastructure, which places the city in eighth place in Italy for mobility sharing. We will have our own booth to illustrate ongoing projects. This collaboration with Ecomob has been recreated, an ambitious project with great results. On the mobility front, we announce that the sharing of pedal-assisted bicycles is underway, which allows us to also start designing bicycle paths in the hilly areas of the city, ”comments the mobility councilor Luigi Albore Mascia.
“We emphasize the need for this event in relation to the importance of sustainable mobility in our city and at national level – so Filippo Catania, President of Fiab PescaraBici – there will be moments of road education dedicated to children, in addition to stamping bicycles and at the moment by Bimbinbici “.

“We will have moments of research on various topics such as sustainable tourism and well-being, renewable energy, energy communities, zero-emission parks. Our national president will also be present,” concludes Donatella Pavone, Legambiente Abruzzo.

The event is conceived, organized and promoted by Ecolife Aps, a social promotion association born with the commitment to encourage and spread eco-sustainable culture. Ecomob hosts public bodies, industry associations, corporate and entrepreneurial realities and provides space to share and communicate actions, best practices, initiatives, products and innovative concepts. The previous editions involved over 35,000 unique visitors, hosted more than 200 exhibitors and promoted 18 workshops related to eco-mobility, environment, active tourism and cycling tourism.

Ecomob 2022 has the support and involvement of institutional and private entities. Protected by: Ministry of Ecological Transformation, Pescara Municipality, Abruzzo Region, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Chieti-Pescara, Anci Abruzzo, Confindustria Chieti-Pescara, Future Electricity-Italian Electrical Companies, Cna Abruzzo, Confimi Industry, Confcommercio Pescara , Federalberghi, Balnearia services.

Technical partners are Legambiente, Fiab, Motus, Vaielettrico, the Italian Cycling Federation with its regional committee in Abruzzo.

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