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The growing demand for air conditioners, which is a delight to the eye, has led various companies to reconsider the design of these appliances by transforming them into elegant and functional interior accessories. The new air conditioners on the market combine high performance with a fine design. If you find it time to change air conditioners but it would be helpful to have an advantage, remember that you can claim the furniture and appliances bonus. As summer approaches, air conditioning is becoming more and more important for cooling rooms, making them more comfortable. Manufacturing companies are offering more and more solutions innovative and captivating from an aesthetic point of view, they are perfect so as not to ruin the harmony of our home.

Some manufacturers have therefore focused on creative solutions that are capable of making it internal split a real piece of furniture through redefining the relationship between form and function. Aesthetics, finishes and shapes are becoming more and more important, because that is what the luminaires need or camouflage on the wall or on the contrary impose itself as a painting.

The new air conditioners on the market prove to be a strategic choice to manage efficiency and energy savings without compromising on design. As you can imagine, the purchase cost of these design air conditioners is high, but the payback times fall thanks to a virtually instantaneous savings on bills. But how do we choose the one that suits us best?

Some tips for choosing an air conditioner

Before buying your dream air conditioner, you should make some initial considerations. First of all, you need to understand what power you need and it can be seen by the size of the room you want to install it in. Not all appliances are suitable for cooling a particular type of environment, f to avoid spillage or wrong purchase it is good to ask for the opinion of an expert.

The other thing to consider before buying is whether you can actually install an air conditioner with the outdoor unit. Not all buildings actually allow this type of air conditioning. If you have this type of problem or live in a building that cannot undergo external alterations to the facade, it would be better to choose an air conditioner without an outdoor unit. Air conditioning without outdoor unit has a compact structure and can be installed in lower part of the wall; in alternative you can choose one portable multifunction air conditioner.

If so split ultra-slim does not satisfy you because you do not like the idea of ​​a protruding air conditioner inside your home, you can choose a split installed in w. This solution is perfect in the case of very large spaces where a simple split unit can be unsightly. Finally, if you want to have different temperatures in different rooms of the house, you may want to consider installing a multi-split system.

advice on choosing air conditioners

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Design air conditioning models

Among the many air conditioners on the market are those that combine design and technology, power and eco-sustainability, have higher costs. In addition to the selling price for single split, you also need to consider the cost of installation, possible transportation and maintenance.

Artcool Stylist from LG

This is an air conditioner with a minimalist and sophisticated look that integrates into any environment. The combination of square and circular shapes, enriched by a background with an embossed design, has made it possible for this innovative product to also win a iF Design Award. Artcool Stylist embodies the functionality of ambient air conditioning and mood lighting, thanks to the LEDs on the front panel that can be adjusted to 12 color combinations. With the Smart Alarm function, you can wake up every day with a gradual light effect that reproduces the soft colors of the sunrise.

Artcool Gallery by LG

The air conditioner LG Artcool Gallery it is designed to harmonize with your interior thanks to its elegant and innovative design. You can easily edit the image inserted in the panel front to create a space that perfectly suits your taste, a true image that hides the air conditioner into a home for art lovers. With the LG ThinQ app you can switch the air conditioner on or off, change the operating mode and set desired temperature.

Kirigamine Zen from Mitsubishi Electric

This air conditioner adapts to different interior designs and is available in three color variants: black, white and silver that adapts to any type of furniture. That Kirigamine Zen it is equipped with an Inverter control system, weekly timer, filters against bacteria, viruses, allergens and bad smells and can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Available in monosplit and multisplit versions.

Emura of Daikin

Model Emura of Daikin it is also available in the limited edition Alcantara®, which allows you to customize the front panels by choosing from thirty finishes. Equipped with filters that allow to optimize air filtration, it is proposed in combination with Online controller app (for iOS and for Android) to allow complete remote control.

designer air conditioner

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