Danobat, Overbeck and Hembrug sanders on stage at GrindingHub

ESTARTA-175, Danobat’s centerless precision grinder, makes its European debut on GrindingHub.

The manufacturer of machine tools and advanced production systems Danobat participates in GrindingHub, which is planned in Stuttgart from 17 to 20 May, the new international trade fair dedicated to grinding and superfinishing technology, in which around 340 exhibitors from 20 countries participate. Danobat presents the most technologically advanced solutions together with its Overbeck and Hembrug brands.

The three brands develop advanced grinding and turning solutions with high precision. Each solution can be customized and meets the highest levels of productivity and precision required by the market. With the slogan “Powered by Precision“In hall 9, stand A70, Danobat exhibits the current generation of high-precision grinders and lathes and the latest digital services.

One machine on display is the LG-400 high-precision external sander, suitable for workpieces with a diameter of up to 290 mm and a center distance of up to 400 mm. Equipped with an integrated portal loader, developed by Danobat, it guarantees loading / unloading of the pieces in less than 6 sec. The G-400 is part of a robot cell, where an external robot transfers the pieces to the loader, picks them up from different pallets, ensuring a wide production autonomy.

The machine allows complete grinding of the piece in a single setup, with two conventional grinding wheels mounted on the same spindle on both sides. The machining process is controlled by two in-process diameter measuring units and an axial calibrator. LG-400 is a versatile and flexible grinder, ideal not only for high production, but also for varying production batches.

With a natural granite base, the machine is also equipped with advanced technology to guarantee the best level of precision. The axles, controlled by linear motors, combined with linear guides and spindles with integrated motor, provide the high level of precision and thermal stability required for the most demanding applications. This also allows grinding of non-round pieces.

The machine can also combine conventional grinding with high-speed CBN grinding wheels or diamond grinding using the B-axis, which offers an infinite number of disc configurations to choose from. The LG-400 is one of the sizes in the LG series (LG-200, LG-600 and LG-1000). Each machine is designed to machine a specific type of part based on length and diameter.

Another solution that will make its European debut on GrindingHub is Danobat’s centerless precision grinder. ESTARTA-175 is perfect for grinding small parts, after achieving the balance between precision and rigidity. The machine is designed for both plunge and inlet grinding, where the grinding wheel head for cantilever grinding ensures a quick change of workpiece type.

The traction wheel head on double support guarantees optimum rigidity, which contributes to the high stability of the workpiece. All these features, together with the integrated portal loader, found on the ESTARTA line, ensure a piece change of 3 if they lead to a significant optimization of cycle times.

The turnkey application on display at the trade fair shows on a hydraulic piston the combination of centerless grinding and belt machining processes, an added value that characterizes ESTARTA. The pieces are loaded and unloaded automatically, and the finishing measurement ensures compliance with tolerances.

Overbeck, the German division of Danobat, exhibits the IRD-400, a high-precision grinder for interior, exterior and radius, with automatic partial control. This machine offers high flexibility and is capable of machining complex workpieces where multiple surfaces need to be sanded in a single grip.

This is possible thanks to a rotating working head (axis B0, can be placed from + 91º to -15º), with an integrated torque motor. 3-axis interpolation, in combination with the X and Z axes, enables grinding of different radii and profiles with excellent surface quality. Square, rectangular or free shapes can also be machined with maximum precision.

The custom machine has a wide range of workpiece spindles, grinding spindles with different speeds, clamping systems, grinding wheels and connection options and can be adapted to any production need. All automated solutions such as Flexmotion (robot cell or integrated robot) and Quickmotion (portal reader) significantly increase production without the need for additional specialized personnel.

Finally, Hembrug Machine Tools offers MikroTurnGrind 1000, a high-precision hybrid machine for hard turning and grinding. With this solution, users have the opportunity to apply the most suitable process for each surface to be machined, all in one setup without the need for multiple machines.

Hard turning in itself offers many advantages, but sometimes tolerances and a surface quality of the part are required or necessary, which can not be achieved with hard turning alone. MikroTurnGrind 1000 combines both techniques and is able to replace, with a single machine, several machines / processes that require a long time and work.

MikroTurnGrind 1000 is equipped with a B-axis, which provides optional space for a turret with 8 fixed VDI 30 tool holders, an external grinding spindle with a 300 mm diameter grinding wheel and an internal grinding spindle. One of the grinding spindles can also be replaced by a milling spindle.

The B-axis, precise and rigid, is equipped with dual Hirth teeth, which can be oriented in 90 positions at 270 °. You can switch from turning to grinding at the touch of a button. It is possible to use different connection systems that can be mounted both on the spindle and on the tailstock. The machine can be equipped with a CNC tailstock and with one or two stable rests to support long axles.

A hybrid machine with these features may not be new, but the MikroTurnGrind 1000 offers unsurpassed precision in both hard turning and finish grinding. It is of great importance that these services do not deteriorate over time or when using the machine, thanks to the wear-free hydrostatic bearings found both in the spindle and in the sliders.

Hembrug Machine Tools offers MikroTurnGrind 1000, a high-precision hybrid machine for hard turning and grinding.

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