Culture needs opportunities for expression, not grants

We must go back over 40 years to find in the city the first expressions of sensitive and imaginative minds in favor of the intellectual growth of the Community. Because it was in the period from ’70 to ’90 that Salerno became a true smithy of human talents, from literature to theater, from music to dance and more, with manifestations and events that brought it to the world of culture. also thanks to the participation of artists of national importance, such as Benigni, Fo and Rame.

‘Post-avant-garde Theater Festival’, ‘TeatroGruppo’, ‘Teatro dei Barbuti’, ‘Sipario’, then ‘San Genesio’, ‘Ridotto’, ‘Teatro del Giullare’, offered the scenes as the experiences with names, then ‘anonymous’ , matured, including: Giuseppe Bartolucci, Filiberto Menna, Leo de Berardinis, Edoardo Sanguineti, Peppe Natella, Alessandro Nisivoccia with Regina Senatore. As a precaution, the first music groups were born, Astrali and Brummel’s, while the dance schools were opened, such as Pina Testa, and ‘Salerno Festival’, ‘Ancient Music Festival’ and ‘Folk’ were organized, up to the latest ‘Violammore’ by maestro Ciro Caliendo .

At the time, Culture and Entertainment were really two sides of the same coin. Better, they were the active parts of a virtuous circle that mutually contributed to giving birth, being the show used to express intellectual fervor, but also the information channel for the initiation of new cultural trends.

Then all this was largely lost due to the breakdown of that bond, perhaps because it was found that with Culture you risk not eating, even when it is a show, while with the show you can still eat, even when it does not express culture. Under pressure from external circuits, by “approved” billboards, by events with simple entertainment and by theater seasons imported in favor of a select few, but at a cost of many millions of euros, the selection of recipients was also carried out, which nourished both disputes over the concession of public spaces encountered in the distribution of financial support provided by the Municipality and the Region. Thus, many young people in theater, music and dance who use art to saturate the soul, not the body, are forced to ‘do it themselves’ and pray for hospitality by matching structures so as not to have to perform under the stairs. But as ‘common goods destined for spiritual growth’, the expression of talent and thought should be freely exercised by all.

In recent days, dr. Ermanno Guerra, the new delegate for culture, not even for entertainment, stated that he could not do much in the absence of funds other than those already ritually assigned (source: L’Ora). In fact, the budget conditions, with the around 700 million debt to be repaid and the over 201 million deficit to be covered, do not leave much hope (source: Budget).

However, there is no need for subsidies. Because Culture, the real, needs opportunities for expression, not sums of money, and because, if the natural combination with Entertainment was restored, mutual, even partial, support would be possible. And it can be done in the city. Firstly because the Municipality is the owner of the former Seminar in via Pio XI, which is already partly the seat of teaching activities and theatrical spaces, which are well suited to be transformed into a true ‘Citadel of Culture and Entertainment’, and for that other things. because in the PNRR funds there are two missions dedicated to the ‘Tourism and Culture 4.0’ component, with about 500 million euros that can be used for projects for the restoration of buildings for cultural and creative activities. If they are not usable then, specific ministerial contributions are still available.

In the structure’s ten pavilions, some abandoned and destroyed, acting schools, dance schools, workshops schools with know-how and any other form of talent development, recording rooms, stages for performances and essays, up to a center can be created. Experimental ‘, with UNISA, for a post-university course in art, music and entertainment. And who knows, there could also be a small space for ‘Thursdays of the Cinema of Human Rights’, as Eng. Maurizio Del Bufalo has been organizing in the city for eight years, as a guarantee of the great event in Naples, thanks to the hospitality of third parties.

A governing body could ensure the administration of the structure of financial autonomy with revenue from public events and guarantee the maintenance of the ‘Parco del Seminario’ to be used for outdoor evening events in addition to the use of citizens and tourists.

The expression of the mind and soul at the highest level testifies to the quality and sensitivity of a community. For those who govern, Culture and Entertainment must constitute a single container that must be emptied and not filled at discretion. It is really to be hoped that the administration will share the possibility of a project capable of feeding a new lifeblood in greater honor of the civilization of this city. It is possible. Just want it.

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